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America’s deep clean boom automates – as employees return to offices after mass vaccination programs 

America’s deep clean boom automates – as employees return to offices after mass vaccination programs 

Hygiene protocols have taken on a whole new meaning in the COVID-19 pandemic, as Aerosol disinfectants grew nearly 400% year on year since March 2020  and contract cleaning services can expect to enjoy a CAGR of 5.38% from 2021-2026.

And as employers rush to make their employees feel safe through more techniques like fogging and electrostatic disinfectants (commonly used when there are confirmed COVID-19 cases), the phones continue to “blow off the hook” for Roger Schulze, a change management  expert for cleaning booking systems such as Booking Koala, Fig, launch27, and ZenMaid®.
These systems are all software programs that automatically send out reminders to employers and employees that they are booked in for their next “decontamination” process. 

“For the average consumer ‘deep cleaning’ used to mean defrosting the fridge every few months, washing the doona at the end of season or buying a pet-hair vacuum cleaner,” says Schulze.

“Enter March 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic and suddenly “deep cleaning” became the phrase dejour.

“I have been assisting cleaning business for 4 years, but the growth in the past 24 months as companies pivot to automation has been phenomenal, especially considering the total increase in business turnover for the past 12 months.

“Automation not only drives compliance for commercial organisations such as nursing homes and hospitals which have increasingly come under scrutiny.

“But deep cleaning is also seen as loyalty driver for staff who feel their organisations are protecting their interests when they return to offices.” 

He says automated billing also allow cleaning business owners to focus on the “cleaning rather than the billing”, and there is no longer a $30,000-$50,000 a year job required for someone to take the bookings. 

“The bookings are simply updated by the clients themselves online. A huge bonus in the last year has also been the introduction of automated recurring billing. This allows the business owner to build a solid foundation for future months and years and give more certainty for budgeting purposes than ever before.”
Roger suggests that cleaning business owners should speak to a consultant or the software companies directly prior to choosing a specific software to see which one is the right offering for them and what features are planned in their rollout and to ensure that they are getting the functionality they need.
“The one good thing about Covid-19 is it has created enormous competition – and no one would imagine so much automation could be available at such relatively low cost. For instance an automation system ranges from $30 USD for a basic to $300 USD for a more feature rich and complex scheduling system.”
He says the new trend has also allowed a host of smaller companies to automate their processes which can help them scale.

Kilsy Bathelmy, a business owner from Impeccable Touch Cleaning Services Inc in Fort Lauderdale has always been at the front line of innovation in the cleaning industry.
“I love the freedom that booking software creates for cleaning businesses. It allows me to focus on what I do best. That is, to provide high standard, best quality cleaning service to my clients.
“My clients love having the control of being able to book and edit appointments online and as a business owner I get alerted straight away.
“My clients love being able to create and manage their spending online by booking on their own. I have been told by clients that is why companies choose my service over others based on reviews on Google and how easy are to book and pay online. This service has seen my turnover increase by at least 60% since the start of the pandemic in 2020.”

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Search engine expert Xavier Murtagh who assists American cleaning companies with their digital presence online, agrees there has never been a more affordable time to build a cleaning empire online..

“Search engines like Google generate millions of leads for cleaning services providers across the United States each year and are the modern era “gold  rush” for businesses looking to pivot in pandemic times. 

“And if you have already struck gold and are ranking well you need to maximise rankings to ensure the online gold continues to flow.”
He says there are specific ways that Google prefers to receive information from websites which is why the “team” approach is best when it comes to marketing your cleaning business. 

“The most successful companies take a three-pronged approach by dealing with a software provider (to find the best automation program), a web designer (to ensure an excellent user experience) and a search engine expert to help clients find their business in places customers are looking.” 



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