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All Things Diamond – Halo Engagement Rings

All Things Diamond – Halo Engagement Rings

Has your closest jewelry store run out of options? Diamond halo rings are making statements around the world and you’re missing out on all the fun! This has to be one of the most trendiest styles in recent years. Many celebrities have opted for halo ring styles like Nick Jonas’s cushion cut diamond halo ring – when he proposed to Priyanka Chopra? If the jewelry store downtown was a complete letdown, it’s time to find an expert. Be sure to checkout the pave halo ring.

Halo Engagement Rings – Bigger, Bolder, More Beautiful 

Halo rings are a type of setting – it’s all about intensifying the shape. The setting includes tiny diamonds encircling a centrepiece diamond. A ring of round pavé or micro pavé diamonds form a ring around the larger diamond. They bring a lot of focused attention to the centrepiece leaving behind breathtaking effects. Most consumers find halo rings appealing because these small sparklers enhance the beauty of a center stone –  perfect for a bold and beautiful look. If you appreciate making a statement with your diamonds, halo ring settings feature both modern and vintage designs. 

Types of Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are the perfect harmony of sentiments that compliment modern couples. Halo diamonds create a glittering effect that accentuates the finger in an elegant fashion. They originated from the time of the Art Deco era and today feature just about everything from modern variations to vintage themes. Halo engagement rings are defined into distinct types based on two factors – 


  1. Centre stone diamond
  2. Ring of micro diamonds 


Here are some of the most popular choices while looking for a suitable cut –


  • Round Cut Ring 
  • Princess Cut
  • Cushion Cut
  • Emerald Cut
  • Oval Cut
  • Pear Cut
  • Asscher Cut
  • Marquise Cut
  • Radiant Cut


Lesser known styles allow you to add a touch of personalization to your engagement ring. Even if you’re less familiar with these styles, here’s why people still love them – 


  • Plain Shank Halo Engagement Ring


This is a classic style that features an elegant band arching gently up to the halo and the centre stone. This kind of setting focuses primarily on the centre piece diamond increasing its depth and radiance visually. 


  • Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring


This type of style creates more space for the diamonds which means all the more glitz! For a glamorous finish, the band of the ring splits into two thin bands that support the centrepiece and the halo diamonds. 


  • Pave Halo Engagement Ring


While many consumers love the plain shank diamond setting, another favorite is the pave halo ring that features a stunning design. The halo diamonds are layered partway down the shank adding that extra bling.  


  • Double Halo Engagement Ring


When you want the extra sparkle in all the right places, the double halo engagement ring is the  right way to go. This dazzling setting features a double layer of halo diamonds giving your centre stone a luxurious appearance. 

Why Should You Buy a Diamond Halo Ring?


Are you looking for something other than a classic solitaire? A halo diamond ring is perfect for your engagement vows. Give your loved one the glitz they deserve with this bold ring style that is a value for money. Halo rings are meant to accentuate a centre stone increasing its visual appeal and materialistic worth. This goes without saying, the diamond ring achieves a full look without going heavy on your pocket. This means you can save big on the center stone and that’s not the only benefit! There’s more – 


All The Clarity You Need

Halo diamonds create more sparkle in an engagement ring that has a small center stone diamond. While the carat weight of the centre stone may not be that high but with a halo setting it appears larger which translates to saving more money. The centre stone looks larger in size if you go for a non pave setting to keep it minimalistic. Since smaller diamonds are less expensive so it is certainly an economical save. 


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Cover More Surface 


If you’re going for a double halo setting, the resulting ring appears larger and covers more surface. One fact that’s often overlooked is that halo diamonds protect the centre stone from getting damaged. The trend of halo diamond rings is fast becoming a favorite because of its gorgeous appearance. It compliments different gemstone settings especially if your partner loves a dash of color on her fingers. 


Tiny Precious Diamonds

Halo diamonds bring symmetry to your engagement ring’s design enhancing a lesser diamond’s overall appeal. When you add a lot of smaller diamonds that cost less than a single carat diamond, halo rings add glitter and elegance to your ring without the overhead cost. Irrespective of what grade the diamond falls under, a halo engagement ring is the perfect way to express your love with utmost radiance. 


Diamond Expert For a Halo Engagement Ring


By personal taste I can tell you a halo ring ticks all the boxes – budget, carat and aesthetics. But you should know that some settings can only accommodate certain diamond shapes. The best option is a round diamond that suits just about everything! Since a halo ring is surrounded by smaller diamonds, it features an unmatched sparkle that has a great radiance. Before you start surfing jewelry websites, you need to find the right diamond for your ring. 


If the best jewelry stores hasn’t been of much help, it’s time to find an expert especially if you’re looking for halo rings. Buying a diamond engagement ring isn’t all that easy – you need to be smart, creative and resourceful. Right from choosing a centre stone to picking a setting like a halo ring, you’ll want something that fits your budget. Since the trend of halo rings has existed for quite some time you can rest assured that there’s a reliable expert in town. 


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