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Acupuncture versus dry needling: the real story behind it

Acupuncture versus dry needling: the real story behind it

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Both dry needling and acupuncture use stainless steel and thin needles. Hence, if you look at photographs of these two processes, you might think that they are identical. Both these practices are entirely dependent on needles inserted into the human skin. They claim to relieve pain. Hence, finding the difference between both these is not that easy. Some unique qualities make the distinction between these two procedures. 


Remember that one of these practices has been in use for many years, and solid research proposals are banking its effectiveness. The other one is a recent innovation. One of these helps in relieving pain. While the other gives a boost to the energy flow of a human being. Both these processes get designed for stimulating trigger points. Hence, you must know the thin line between these for contemplating dry needling vs acupuncture.


Understanding dry needling


The process which has evolved in modern times is dry needling. It helps to ease muscular pain, and it is growing in popularity. During the procedure, the concerned practitioner inserts many filiform needles inside the human skin. These are short, fine, and stainless steel needles that do not inject any fluid inside your body. Hence, the term comes from “dry.” 


The trigger points get identified, and the practitioner places the needle over there. The process is also known as intramuscular stimulation. The point where the needle gets inserted is known as hard muscle or knotted muscle. According to these practitioners, dry needling helps ease the knot and thereby relieves spasms and muscular pain.


The ins and outs of the technique


Dry needling helps in relieving stiffness and muscular pain. Apart from this, it eases trigger points and improves flexibility. It also increases motion in the human body, and the method is beneficial for treating muscle pain, sports injuries, and other types of pain.


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Another typical medical treatment that is making an impact on hundreds and thousands of people is acupuncture. It is not something new and has a history of many years. 

If you take a look at its history, it originated in Asian medical practice. Many licensed acupuncturists practice the method, and they have significant training for the same. They have training in instruction and diagnosis as well. They perform the process under the direct supervision of an expert or senior practitioner. If you grab a look at the benefits of acupuncture, it helps in reducing nausea, vomiting, pain, headache, and menstrual cramps. In some cases, it helps in treating allergies.


Each of these processors has its pros and cons. Acupuncture helps in relieving low back pain, knee pain, neck pain, and migraine. Hence, both these methods are effective, and there are hardly any side effects. However, both these methods have come under the limelight. It is because they are struggling with each other. You have no other alternative to dry needling for treating hip pain and knee pain, as it is vital to take care of your body to avoid backache and other related issues. 


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