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Above and Beyond: 3 Things You Should Take to the Next Level

Above and Beyond: 3 Things You Should Take to the Next Level

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Some things really are excessive. It is possible to go too far with a lot of things. Strong emotions often push us to take things way too far. Catt people, you know who you are. Of course you love your cat. And everyone else loves your cat. You make sure of that by showing them new pictures of your cat every 10 minutes, and cat videos every 5 minutes. You wear funny cat t-shirts, and cat slippers. You can’t have a conversation without bringing up cats. We get it.

In truth, we are all a little excessive about some things in our lives. That just means we have passion. That is usually a good thing. We could all stand a little more passion when it comes to things like justice, equality, financial freedom, education, and the like. We need to get a lot louder and prouder about many things that would benefit the world.

Then, there are the things that don’t necessarily benefit the world, but remind us of our place in it. There are announcements that should not just be whispered into the void, but shouted from the rooftops. There are some areas in life where it is okay to go a little nuts. Going above and beyond is a very good thing when it means the world to you. Here are a few examples of when it is okay to go over the top:

For the Children

When a child is born, we use emotional words like “magic” and “miracle”. It is not that we don’t know about the biological process of producing children. Animals and other people do it all the time. But when it is your child, it’s a miracle. And that is as it should be. If you don’t go a little gaga over your child, that would indicate a problem. So the perfectly normal thing to do is to go overboard, way overboard.

Don’t just send the usual baby announcement. That makes your baby seem like every other baby. No! Your baby is a miracle. Choose your gender reveal product and make it an event. Call all your friends and loved ones to an outdoor barbecue and hit them with a gender reveal confetti cannon that will knock their socks off. Make it pink for a girl, blue for a boy, or double the fun in the case of twins. Don’t treat your baby like an announcement. Treat her like the once in a lifetime event she really is.

Keeping Time

So, you want to buy a watch. The real question is, why. If all you want is an accurate chronometer to keep time, just go two doors down and pick one up for $10. It will have a quartz movement and give you some of the most accurate time-keeping in the world. But let’s be honest: That is not why you want to buy a watch. Keeping time is the least of its functions.

There is a lot to know about how to buy your next luxury watch. The main question relates to why you want a luxury’s watch. You have announced your baby girl to the world. One day, she will do the same for hers. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to pass down to her, and her children, and down through the generations. A watch that will serve as a generational heirloom needs to be over the top. It is not just a git to your daughter, but a gift to the entire line that follows.

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Put a Ring on It

Everyone knows it is not the price of the ring that matters, but the meaning behind the ring. You can rent a helicopter and shout your love for your partner from a bullhorn all over the city. But you can’t do that everyday. The engagement and wedding rings are the bullhorn of your declaration. Make that ring a worthy symbol of your insanely great and undying love.

Be conservative with your money, your anger, and your worry. But when it comes to your baby, your heirlooms, and your declarations of love, go nuts. 


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