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A New Trend of Long Coat, Puffer Jackets, and Vlone Hoodies

A New Trend of Long Coat, Puffer Jackets, and Vlone Hoodies

As soon as autumn is gone and the winter season starts to begin, the winter coats, jackets, and hoodies of many various types are replaced by sweaters and other warm clothes in each closet whether men or women. As well as other many varieties of outwears have been seen as the weather changes. We used to wear it while going to the office or going for some momentous evening, or to a club with friends. We always want to wear them in several styles from elegant, sporty to fashionable and informal.  

But in this article, we will be going to highlight the new trend of Vlone jackets, Vlone hoodies, and long coats.

Puffer jackets

The word “jacket” may sound simple, but in reality, it has a massive variety of designs and styles. If you are not much familiar with what to wear on which occasion then it may be difficult to choose the right jacket for a particular event or outing. 

The trendiest type of jacket nowadays is the “puffer jacket”. As soon as the winters begin and people start spending their time in cold parks and freeze roadhouse gardens, puffer jackets are complimentary to wear. Puffer jackets are filled with feathers and down – usually expensive but warmer has the proficiency to tangle air.

There are two types of puffer jackets. The Pierre and the Nuptse. The Nuptse is the actual puffer jacket – cool, chic, and classic. This jacket was initiated in New York in 1992. This name was launched on the name of Nepalese Himalayas for extreme winters. It is famous for its sturdy shape and slim-fit look. On the other hand, Pierre’s are designed in many colors usually black, pink, and bright colors for easy pairing with pieces of denim and sweat pants.

The best puffer jacket is always has stitched and quilted puffy sections. These quilted sections are compressed with synthetic wool or synthetic downs that high degree of warmth.

Long coats

Coats are considered as the essential garment for every man during winters. But it is very difficult to choose the perfect one. Its fabric, color, and quality must always be kept in mind while selecting. While purchasing the coat one feature must always be remembered that is its quality and durability rather than focusing more on its color.

Long coats have become increasingly common and traditional garments, especially in winters. Men who used to wear long coats to look slim, well dressed, and gives warmth in high winters. They are suitable more for slim physique and shorter people to make them look tall. 

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Another type of long coat is the trench coat. They are usually light in weight and suitable for the autumn season. Trench coats are ancestral garments. Its traditional color is beige having other features like shoulder and breast clasps, chin buckle, a belt, having a triangle-shaped edge, and overlying for perfect fixation.


The increase in the demand for hoodies has been noticed as the temperature decreases. Most people wear jackets or sweaters during winters but in the last few years, hoodies are the most trending and demanding item of clothing in the market. The reason is that the hoodies are specially designed for style and comfort, made from cotton and woolen fabric. 

Hoodies are the perfect combination of comfort, elegance, and style that provides a popular outfit for men. Since sportswear and casual wear got high demand among consumers, there has been a rise in the demand for hoodies in the market. Just like hoodies have gained popularity in the young generation, not other garments have gained much popularity. Both young and old like to wear hoodies for their different style and designs. They are used to dress up at business events and evening parties as well. The hoodies additional protection to keep the head and ears warm: this is helpful in windy moments.


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