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8 Great US States for Casino Lovers

8 Great US States for Casino Lovers

Nothing beats the thrill of being at a high roller table with a few thousand on the table. The US is known for having some of the best casinos in the world and is a paradise for any gambler. Especially if you’re into high stakes. Casinos also bring entertainment, and if you like having fun, there’s nothing like being in a casino town. While most people will automatically think of Nevada when it comes to gambling, you should know that there are tons of other states in the country that also offer a great experience. Let’s take a look at some of the top states to go to if you’re a big casino lover.


Many would not expect to see Maryland on this list since its first casino was opened in 2010. However, many other casinos have popped up since then and offer a unique experience. They tend to attract a different crowd than places like Vegas or Atlantic City.

Casinos in Maryland tend to have things for the whole family as well, so you won’t run out of things to do if you decide to do something else than gamble. The Hollywood Caino Pery Ville is a perfect example. This casino is representative of other casinos with the state with its tons of entertainment options. It hosts hundreds of bands and a variety of shows every year, which offers a great alternative if you’re coming in with your family.

Another interesting thing about Maryland is its surprising gambling history. As a matter of fact, there was a time when Nevada and Southern Maryland were the only places in the country where you could play slot machines and win money. Marland is a state waiting to be discovered, and a must for any casino lover who wants to gamble in some of the most modern casinos in the country.

South Dakota

South Dakota is a great place if you’re into casino play but is also notable for the thousands of bars (1300 to be exact) in the state with video lotteries. The state also has 25 casinos to visit and 11 trial ones. You have places like Sioux Falls where you’ll find video lottery machines on practically every corner. South Dakota is also a great place if you want to do something other than gambling with the natural attractions and fun quirky sites along the road.


California has a great selection of casinos as well, but this is the place to go if you’re a poker player. The state has tons of casinos where you can play poker as well as a few great poker rooms. You’ll have no trouble finding a place to play that fits your level and budget. California has become a mecca for poker players over the years, and don’t be surprised if you see someone famous at the WSOP final table sitting next to you.

New Jersey

Even if Atlantic City has been going through rough times lately, New Jersey is still the best state after Vegas if you want some classic casino action. The state has everything a casino lover could want. It has the exclusive and iconic locations. The great food and shopping and tons of entertainment options, even for the family. No list of top gambling states would be complete without New Jersey.


Louisiana is another must-stop if you love casinos and having a blast. The casino scene goes hand in hand with the party scene in the city, and there are three great casinos in New Orleans alone. There are casinos peppered throughout the state, but you’ll find a lot of them around the Gulf of Mexico area. Note that the state attracts tons of gamblers every year and casinos can get very crowded during the peak season.


Illinois was not always the most gambling-friendly state, but it recently passed a slew of legislation that would open the door to multiple casino developments in the region, including one in Chicago. The new set of laws will also allow live gambling on racetracks. In addition, more seats for sports bets will be added. Also, note that the Indiana part of Chicago has plenty of great casinos that you can visit right now.


Speaking of Indiana, it should also be on your list if you’re looking for a great state with equally great casinos. The state counts over 14 casinos in total, and one of the things that differentiate Indiana from many states is that they’re not confined to one area. They are scattered throughout the state, which means that you’ll probably be close to a casino anywhere you are in the Hoosier state. The state also opened its doors to sportsbooks, so you also have this option if you want to wager on live events.


Missouri deserves more recognition as a gambling state. The whole eastern part of the state is filled with casinos of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for high roller action or want a few laughs at a quiet casino bar, Missouri has something for you. In addition to the easter portion of the state, we suggest you go up the I-70 if you want to find great casinos.

St-Louis is also a very underrated city when it comes to casinos. The state has some of the closest casinos to what you’d find in Vegas in all of the country. The city has also started to gain recognition as a poker state with the WSOP satellite tournaments that routinely take place there. We can see a future where Missouri will be as recognized as a top casino city, just like Nevada and New Jersey, and now is the right time to go before the news gets out.

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One of the biggest reasons to visit the state, however, is the Isle of Capri. This hidden gem is straight in the middle of rural Missouri but feels more like you’re on the French Rivera than in the middle of the rust belt. Great place for exceptional gambling and accommodations.


So, if you were looking for a great destination for the whole family or as a solo player, then you should consider these states. They all have something different to offer and will appeal to different types of players.




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