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8 Brilliant Ways to Use Magnetic Knife Strips Around Your Kitchen

8 Brilliant Ways to Use Magnetic Knife Strips Around Your Kitchen

Do you use the magnetic knife strip to just keep your knives organised? There is a lot more that you can do with these utility tools. It is extremely useful for storing different types of household items. Besides, it can be used in many more places apart from the kitchen. The bathroom, garage, office or the workshop can be great spots for magnetic knife strips.

You can easily use it to store pots and pans, different types of tools, pins, scissors, paper clips and many more items that you need to grab on the go. It completely removes the hassle of constantly looking for the required items. A messy office or a kitchen is a big worry and if you want to keep things organised, nothing can be better than these magnetic bars.

Let’s now take a look at 6 fantastic ways to use 

  1. Organise Food Processor Blades

Food processor is one of the best luxury kitchen appliances. Generally, most of us tend to keep food processor blades in boxes or drawers. It not only makes it difficult to find the right blades in a hurry, it also increases the risks of cutting your hand. Use a magnetic knife holder to properly organise the blades. You can easily install these inside kitchen cabinets or on top of the shelves for easy grasping. However, if you have kids at home, ensure that they are completely out of reach.

  1. Hang Pot Lids

The pot lids are perhaps the hardest to organise. While pans can be stacked one above the other, the lids often pose a problem. They can also take up a lot of storage space inside cabinets and drawers. You can use a knife strip to keep these lids organised. Not only is it always visible to you, it also allows you to quickly grab the perfect size even when you are extremely busy in the kitchen. The metallic lids can be easily attached to these magnetic bars and if you have already installed one for the knives, get some more to organise other stuff in your kitchen. 

  1. Organise Spice Jars

If you attach a magnetic strip on the underside of a kitchen shelf, you can easily organise spice jars. Simply choose jars with metal lids. They will remain attached to the magnet and whenever you need it, pull it off and you are ready to go. It saves a lot of space and is a great way to keep your modern wellness kitchen clutter-free. 

  1. Store Large Spoons and Ladles

It’s often difficult to keep large spoons and ladles organised inside the drawer. No matter how many divisions you make, they tend to mix up every time. To solve this problem at once, you can keep a magnetic knife holder on your counter. Metallic spoons and ladles will remain attached to it as long as you don’t pull it off. It helps to free up counter space and allows you to keep the kitchen organised at all times. Moreover, you no longer have to consciously put every spoon in its correct position inside the drawer. 

  1. Office Use

Different types of office supplies tend to make the workstation messy. If you have a magnetic knife strip installed on the wall or near the desk, it can be used to keep small paper clips, scissors, paper cutters and other metallic items. Most of these things are quite small and it becomes difficult to organise them. A magnetic bar is the easiest way to hang what you always need. 

  1. Create a Hanging Tool Kit

For your small garage workshop, let the magnetic knife bar turn into a hanging tool kit. It can store everything from pliers and saws to hammers and screws on an easy-to-use board. It also increases the visibility of every item and you can conveniently pick and choose whatever you need without much ado. If you use a lot of tools, feel free to install quite a few of these amazing magnetic strips around your garage. 

See Also

  1. Use It In The Bathroom

Odd items often make their way to our bathroom. Even if you clean up your bathroom every day, the litter never seems to be organised. Nail clippers, bobby pins, hair clips, etc. always find its way to the wrong places. If you are struggling to keep the bathroom shelves and counter mess-free, think about installing a magnetic knife strip. Stick everything to it and remain stress-free. 

  1. Magnetic Key Strip

Tired of mixing up the car and house keys every morning? Simply put it on a magnetic knife strip and you’ll soon be able to fix this problem. It is a convenient, affordable and excellent idea for organising all your keys in one place.

If you start implementing these amazing ideas to store your things, you will surely be able to keep your home or office perfectly organised. 


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