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7 Tips for Becoming a Safer Driver

7 Tips for Becoming a Safer Driver

As a driver, your main concern is being safe on the road – everything else comes after. You might think you’re being as safe as you can be when you get behind the wheel, but after years of driving, there might be a few things you forget to do. To ensure optimal safety, use these seven tips. 

1: Keep Up with Car Maintenance 

Car maintenance is essential. It’s not just about avoiding costly repairs down the road, but it’s also to ensure your car is in the perfect condition to get you from A to B as safely as possible. As well as visiting your mechanic when necessary, you should also give your vehicle a quick check over before you head out. At the very least, check your tires. 

Unfortunately, looking after your car isn’t always cheap, but there are ways to cut down on costs. By using pep boys coupons oil change, you will save money on your oil change. 

2: Manage Road Rage 

Road rage is common amongst some people, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK. While it’s natural to feel slightly annoyed at another driver breaking the rules, letting your anger warp your perspective is another matter entirely, and it must be addressed. To be safe on the road, you must be able to manage your road rage. If you have trouble with this, consider stress-reducing exercises or anger management

3: Get to Know Your Routes 

Most people take similar routes each day. Knowing your routes will make driving on them safer, as you will know every single light and corner. Remember, though, that knowing a route is no excuse for not paying attention – you never know how other drivers are going to act. 

4: Keep Your Distance 

To avoid an accident, you must keep ample distance between yourself and the driver in front of you. Not only is tailgating annoying for the other driver, but if they suddenly need to stop for whatever reason, being too close to them will increase the chances of you crashing into them. 

5: Don’t Drive While Tired 

You know not to drive while drunk – it’s illegal and is something drivers are warned about time and time again. It’s not just when you’re inebriated that you shouldn’t get behind the wheel, though. It’s also important to avoid driving while tired. When you haven’t had enough sleep, it’s much harder to focus, making paying attention to the road that much more difficult. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so opt for a cab if you really need to get somewhere when sleepy. 

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6: Check the Weather 

The weather has an impact on road safety. Driving during heavy rain, thunderstorms, or snow will increase your chances of crashing, so try to stay home during these times. It isn’t always feasible but if you can avoid it, you should. 

7: Eliminate All Distractions

While driving, your only focus should be the road and other drivers, so eliminate all distractions. That includes phone calls, rowdy passengers, and loud noises inside the vehicle. 


On top of the standard driving rules, use these seven tips to reduce the risk of getting into or causing a car accident.

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