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7 Celebrity Season Ticket Holders at California Sports Teams

7 Celebrity Season Ticket Holders at California Sports Teams

Designer clothes, speed cars, private jets, mansions—celebrities live the life we all wish we had. They can afford the most expensive champagne bottles, buy entire islands and secure their children and grandchildren’s financial wellbeing.

When it comes to sports, celebrity sports fans pay for season tickets. Of course, they pay for courtside tickets in basketball and VIP spots in the NHL and NFL. In California, these are the biggest celebrity sports fans.

1—Jessica Alba: Golden State Warriors

Most people known Jessica Alba as the star of successful films like the Fantastic Four, Machete Kills, and Knocked Up. However, the award-winning actress is also a big fan of the Golden State Warriors.

No, Jessica didn’t join the Dubs after their famous back-to-back NBA titles in 2015, 2017 and 2018. Alba has been attending NBA matches together with her husband, Cash Warren, for years. In fact, she’s such a huge fan of the Warriors that she skips LA-based NBA teams to celebrate her favorite team in the Bay Area.

2—Snoop Dogg: Multiple Sports Teams

Snoop Dogg appears at LA Lakers games regularly. So, it’s easy to say he favors the Lakers over the Clippers. However, the rap legend has no single favorite sports team. He could buy season tickets for the Los Angeles Kings this season and support the USC Trojans next season.

Outside of California, Snoop Dogg doesn’t have a stand on the sports teams he supports. He’s regularly wearing jerseys for the Philadelphia Eagles, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. Internationally, Snoop has a similar reputation.

He’s been spotted donning jerseys for all major soccer clubs in Europe, from Real Madrid and Barcelona to Arsenal and Liverpool. In 2019, though, Snoop Dogg clarified his favorite European side was Real Madrid.

3—Will Ferrell: USC Trojans

Will Ferrell is a lot like Snoop Dogg. He has a special heart for the USC Trojans—he’s an alumnus of the college. But he also supports the LA Kings, the Chicago Cubs, the New York Rangers, LAFC and Chelsea in the English Premier League.

Is Will Ferrell a bandwagoner? Maybe. Or maybe he’s just a fan of sports in general. All the same, you can always bet on meeting the comedian at popular sports in California. Speaking of betting, information about sports betting in California can be found here.

4—Alyssa Milano: LA Dodgers

TV show fans know Alyssa Milano for her roles in Who’s Boss? Wet Hot American Summer and My Name is Earl. Many baseball fans know her as the actress whos’ always dating athletes—her last three boyfriends were MLB players.

Last December, Milano said she was done dating athletes. But guess what? She’s not done being a sports fan. The 48-year-old isn’t done watching baseball. She’s an ardent fan of the LA Dodgers baseball team and even write articles for MLB.com.

5—Denzel Washington: LA Lakers

Denzel Washington was once a young and promising baseball player. Then he quit athletics for Hollywood and the rest is history. While he no longer plays sports actively, Washington is a big sports fan.

In California, Denzel’s favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only does he hold a seasonal ticket for the team, but he also shows up wearing an all-black cap to show his love for the New York Yankees.

Denzel is a New York-native, so it’s not surprising he loves the Yankees. As mentioned, he was a baseballer in his younger days. Additionally, he’s starred in several sports movies: Crimson Tide, Remember the Titans and He Got Game, to name several.

6—David Beckham: LA Galaxy and LA Kings

David Beckham is one of the most successful soccer players in history. He set numerous records in the English Premier League and La Liga during his prime. Then he signed a contract with the LA Galaxy and his fame increased even further.

Today, Beckham is the co-owner of Inter Miami FC, the newest soccer club in Major League Soccer. Naturally, his focus is on his club. But that doesn’t mean he no longer cares about the Galaxy and the Kings. 

He’s regularly making trips around California. And guess which tams he cheers on? You guessed right—the Kings and Galaxy.

7—Lil’ Wayne: LA Lakers

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Lil Wayne is credited for inspired tons of modern generation rappers, setting new records in Hip Hop and opening doors for lots of young artists. He’s also a famous sports celebrity fan. His favorite team is the LA Lakers.

Interestingly, Wayne has no favorite team from his home town of New Orleans. In football, the rapper supports Green bay Packers. In baseball, he’s a fan of the Boston Red sox. He’s not a big NHL fan, though.

8—Justin Bieber: Multiple Sports Teams

Justin Bieber is a sports bandwagoner and no one is surprised. The Canadian-American has even admitted it in the past—he supports all sports teams, mostly if they’re popular and win often.

To narrow down the list of Bieber’s favorite teams, there’s LA Lakers and the Toronto Raptors. He supports the Lakers now that he lives in California. Whenever he travels back home, he shows love for Toronto.

Additionally, Bieber has been spotted wearing jerseys for the Maple Leafs, the New York Rangers, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Warriors. Arsenal, Everton and Barcelona. According to SB Nation, Bieber has been spotted donning jerseys for 21 teams and counting.

9—Jack Nicholson: LA Lakers

Jack Nicholson is the ultimate diehard celebrity fan. He attends nearly all Lakers games. He’s always cheering them and even tries to distract opposing teams to get his favorite team the win. If that’s not enough dedication to a team, keep in mind Nicholson has been a Lakers fan for over three decades. 

10—Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian might have broken up with her ex-NBA boyfriend Lamar Odom. But she’s still a fan of basketball, more so, the Los Angeles Lakers. She’s not as much a regular at the games as Jessica Alba or Jack Nicholson. But no season goes by without her appearing on the courtside seats, of course pre-COVID days. 


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