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6 Ways to Become Successful on Facebook

6 Ways to Become Successful on Facebook

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Have you ever wondered how life would be without Facebook? Facebook is not only an avenue where people connect socially, but brands are now using it to grow and expand their businesses. To be successful on Facebook, you need to have a Facebook page and a large number of likes on it. Here are some great ways to increase your Facebook likes.

  1. Spy on Your Competitors on Facebook

Keep an eye on what your key competitors are doing. This will help you identify techniques that are working for them and those that are not. That will help you implement what is working and avoid the missteps of your competitors. Researching what your competitors are doing will help you design the social media strategy.

  1. Set Goals for Facebook Likes

Goals are important and they will make you stay focused. If you are just aiming for ‘more likes’ without having a target, it will be difficult to tell whether you are moving with the right speed. Ensure that your goals are realistic and can be attained within a specific period. Goals help you know when to celebrate your successes and when to push yourself harder.

  1. Use Compelling Profile and Cover Photos

Your cover and profile pictures give people the first impression of your business. Therefore you must ensure that you choose wisely. Your logo would work as a perfect profile picture. However, you can get creative when choosing a cover picture.

Come up with one great picture that conveys what your business is all about. You can also feature one of your most exceptional product as your cover picture. A picture of your friendly team of employees would also be another excellent profile picture idea. Make sure you keep changing it after certain period of time so that people do not get bore of it.

  1. Pin Your Top-performing Post

If you have a post that has garnered higher number of likes, pin it at the top of your page. After you have pinned a post, it stick at the top of your page and visitors view it first as this is above other posts. Pinned posts can be changed as many times as you want hence ensure that you keep it fresh.

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  1. Make it Easy for People to Find Your Page

Ensure that your brand name matches your page name or at least include in it. People interested in your brand will search for it by name. Therefore, keep your page name simple and avoid unnecessary keywords. Also, make your username closely related to your page name. 

  1. Promote Your Page on Other Social Media Platforms

Make use of other platforms where you have an online presence to promote your Facebook page, whether it is LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. You can post a link of your Facebook page such that when people click on it, they are directed to your page.

  1. Other Ways to Rise Facebook Likes

Crating a page on Facebook is free of cost , posting and managing also does not incur any cost. But in order to reach more people you need to use Facebook ads that will help you target more people. But that is costly choice because Facebook ads does not commit for Number of likes it does for people reach. However there are some providers like this who promise to deliver real Facebook page likes. You can buy a pack of 500 or 1000 page likes for a nominal fee.

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