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6 Ways Clean Beauty Will Change How We Look in 2022

6 Ways Clean Beauty Will Change How We Look in 2022

The term clean beauty has emerged over the last few years. While no legal definition exists for the term “clean beauty,” it’s come to stand for beauty and self-care products that are green, natural, organic, and environmentally friendly.

For beauty and self-care brands, clean beauty is a way to differentiate themselves from those that use preservatives, artificial colors, or ingredients considered harmful. For consumers, clean beauty is a way of life.

While the definition of clean amongst manufacturers, government agencies, and consumers might vary, trends are emerging in the “clean beauty” landscape. Here are six of them.



Trend 1: Clean Beauty isn’t Going Anywhere

The first trend — clean beauty isn’t going anywhere. Expect more brands to include the word “clean” in their marketing and advertising and expect more consumers to search for clean beauty products.

As Mind Body Green puts it, consumers don’t care about beauty for the sake of beauty. They care about beauty for the sake of themselves.

Not convinced? According to Google, look at the volume of searches over the last five years for “clean beauty.”

So, what exactly does “clean” stand for when it’s used with beauty products?

In general, clean beauty products are those defined as safe for human use. However, there is no legal definition or industry standard, making it easy for companies to use the term however they like. For some brands, clean means they did not test a product on animals. For others, it can mean:

●    Free from certain chemicals, like parabens

●    Meeting some sustainability standards

●    Free of fragrance and/or artificial colors

●    All-natural (although this term also has no industry-standard definition)

●    Organic

●    Plant-based

While clean beauty might be here to stay, its definition will continue to evolve until there is an industry-standard. For now, consumers should decide what clean beauty means and research the origins of all chemicals and ingredients before using beauty care products.

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Trend 2: More Clean ‘Maskne’ Products

Wearing masks, due to COVID-19, has created many challenges to our skincare routines. Some people suffer breakouts on their faces from wearing masks for long periods. This trend has been aptly named “maskne” — mask + acne.

Although you have plenty of clean ways to clean and treat skin with acne every day, skin experts recommend visiting a dermatologist for proper treatment. Speak with your doctor or pharmacist about any concerns you may have regarding your acne.

Educating yourself and defining what “clean” means to yourself is critical. Be careful not to reject products that contain ingredients with scientific-sounding names, though, because you think they’re not clean because they are lab-produced. For example, salicylic acid might sound questionable, but it is, in fact, an organic plant-based compound — by most standards, it’s clean. Dermatologists often recommend salicylic acid to prevent and treat breakouts.

Trend 3: A Cleaner Beauty Look Overall

Whether it’s because more people are working remotely, staying home more often, or social distancing, natural beauty is fast becoming a favored practice. This means saying goodbye to artificially long eyelashes, cutting back on the pencil-thin eyebrows, and wearing natural shades of makeup. Does this mean men should scale back on their routine, like that thick facial hair? Nope. Big beards remain in style, according to Dapper Confidential.

Trend 4: Teeth Whitening With Peroxide-Free Products

Consumers are searching for natural ways to whiten their teeth and brighten their smiles, including peroxide-free products. Look for teeth whitening gels that contain natural minerals that whiten teeth and protect them from demineralization (loss of tooth enamel).

Trend 5: Natural Hair is a Thing, Again

Again, it might be due to the habits people picked up during the pandemic, but expect to see more natural wavy, curly hairstyles for both women and men. Some experts note air drying, hair dryer diffusers and hair braiding are making their clean-beauty comeback.

Trend 6: Scalp Care

Several expert sources we consulted for this roundup report scalp care has become rather popular. Look for scalp care products that help nourish hair roots and reduce flakes.

For More Information

While the definition of clean continues to evolve among beauty brands, consumers, and government agencies, it’s up to you to do your homework and decide what clean means to you.

If you would like more information on the ingredients listed on beauty or self-care products, visit ChemicalSafetyFacts.org, a consumer website maintained by the American Chemistry Council that contains information on chemicals.

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