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6 Tips In Planning A Luxury Wedding Worth Every Penny

6 Tips In Planning A Luxury Wedding Worth Every Penny

Many people consider their wedding day as one of the most memorable days of their lives. It’s the time to be merry, commit to a lifetime with their other half, and start a journey together as one. It’s the most romantic time, yet this occasion also comes with responsibilities and work. If you’ve always wanted to hold your dream luxurious wedding, and you can spare a few bucks for it, then give it a go.

The thing about a wedding is that each and every aspect of it requires some cash, and some components come with a hefty price tag. From engagement rings to wedding rings and gowns to floral arrangements, every detail requires you to shell out some bucks. An extravagant wedding that’s planned well can put a dent in your wallet, but if it’s exactly as you’ve imagined it to be, then it sure would be worth every penny. To be able to achieve this scenario, you should be mindful of handling the preparations very well.

Take a look at the following tips on how to focus on details so you can host a luxury wedding that is according to how you envision it:

  • Talk It Out with Your Partner 

Congratulations on your engagement that 3 carat diamond ring sure looks good on you. Now, it’s time to face the reality of getting married soon. You and your fiancé will have to tackle the most important upcoming event, which is your wedding. You may have already ironed out some details, but it would be best to talk some more about it. 

Both the bride and groom plans become more successful, as both parties contribute their ideas and dreams.  You can sit down and talk while discussing what you want to have on your big day. Or you can simply toss in some wedding topics whenever you get to date together. Whatever works for both of you, it’s great to share the planning with your partner.   

  • Prepare A Mood Board 

After you and your partner have discussed things, it’s now time to start a mood board. A wedding mood board can help you explain your vision to your wedding team and help you form a vision of your wedding day. This works like a guide for everyone to stay within the theme and requirements. For example, if you’re looking for easy ideas for a green wedding, you can incorporate details about it on the mood board. 

One best resource that can help you with this method is to check on Pinterest. Get started by picking out photos from Pinterest and save them on your phone. You can then begin to compile and collaborate all the photo inspirations and ideas until you can finish up your mood board. Incorporate your color palette, which will be the majority of colors found on your special day. This palette will guide as to which ones will be used for the gowns, table designs, flowers, invitations, and many more.  

  • Decide On the Best Wedding Location 

It’s only natural that the location of the wedding is central to the celebration. In terms of look, feel, and tone, everything about a wedding depends on the location. It’s a no-brainer why many couples believe this is the make-or-break aspect of their big day.  

When a couple chooses a beautiful wedding venue, everything else should fall into place in terms of decor and colors. It would also be easier to decide on the theme and other more minor details when the venue has already been decided. In choosing a venue, couples often fall into the trap of falling for the location’s aesthetics. But there are more considerations to note other than this. Functionality, location, and convenience are some aspects to think of. Try to place yourself in your guest’s shoes and see if the location makes sense for them to attend. 

  • Stay Organized 

Being organized when planning an event goes a long way. Organize your correspondence with vendors, notes from meetings, and magazine articles you want vendors to see. If possible, create a separate email address so that you won’t mix up your wedding preps transactions with your personal and work emails. Create a contact list for all your suppliers, so everything is neat and easy to find. Whatever software, application, or technological method you use, ensure that it will be conveniently organized on your end. 

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  • Invest In Good Photography 

Most of the time, luxury wedding photography is focused on the details of the event. A wedding photographer should be able to capture the best parts of the ceremony and reception. It should be the focal point of the photography to highlight the most unique-looking aspect of the wedding. Professional photographers know what techniques to apply to make sure that your photos look like it’s a wedding for celebrities and stars. 

  • Find The Wedding Dress Perfect for You 

Although wedding dresses are entirely up to the bride, it’s usually emphasized by brides who plan luxury weddings to wear pieces that are expensive, fashionable, and from reputable designers. Depending on your preferences, make sure to follow your heart when finding a wedding dress. Make sure to choose the right design, the perfect fit, and the right shade of white. 


With the tips mentioned in this article, hopefully, you’ll be able to plan out your luxurious wedding smoothly and in an organized manner. It will only happen once in your life, so you might as well splurge generously but wisely. With this guide, you’ll know what to prioritize and how to deal with the different requirements of your dream wedding.


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