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5 Ways To Travel The World As A Phd. Student

5 Ways To Travel The World As A Phd. Student

Being a student hardly leaves any time to travel, let alone the finances to do it. Due to this, so many people are stuck in one place with a serious case of wanderlust but no real means to make it happen. One tip, even with your busy education schedule, you would never get as much time to travel as you have now. So if you want to go there and see the world, the time is now! 

So many students are confused on how to make this happen, aside from winning the lottery or taking out a loan, both of which are non-viable options right now. However, there are several other ways to do this without finding yourself in a load of debt, and it will be discussed below:

Maximize Time

Before anything else, you want to take this step. It is the most important step. Even if you do win the lottery or somehow get full funding for your travels if your time is not well maximized, every other thing would fall apart. 

Bear in mind; you are a Ph.D. student with assignments to submit and probably an academic dissertation to prepare for. You want to make sure you have properly assigned each other these activities before you take off. Check with your lecturers to see if you can arrange each class to days when you would be available. 

Some of you would ask, “But I’m in my final year; how will I write my dissertation?” and while this is a legit concern, it has several management options that have been tested and trusted. There are so many educational centers that provide help for students like you. There, you can find writing assistance and free or cheap essay samples for your personal use.

Study Abroad With A Dual Degree

A dual degree is completely worth it, as it allows you to earn two separate degrees in a shorter time than it would take to earn one. So many students have heard about getting a PhD abroad, but how many have leaped to do it. This would give you ample time and opportunity to see a world outside where you have always known. 

So many institutions have official websites or even office locations where you can visit and speak to agents on the necessary steps you need to take if you want to travel. With this mode, not only will you get a student discount, but you will also get cheaper flight tickets and a reduced cost of accommodation and living.

Find Internships

This is also another way of traveling for cheap prices as a PhD student. There are so many affordable destinations where you can choose, and it will provide the needed knowledge as an intern and the extra fun and excitement you are looking to let into your life. Paid internships offer students an opportunity to work and earn money while also giving them ample time for sightseeing and exploring.

Here are some of the most affordable places that college Ph.D. students can choose for internship: 

  • Guatemala
  • Costa Rica
  • Portugal
  • Peru
  • Belgium
  • Hungary

Find Affordable Programs

For those looking to take their PhD programs abroad, remember to look for affordable programs that would only require you to pay your home tuition fees. Few educational courses provide these affordable means, and you can look into your school of choice to be sure they offer services like this to their pupils.

See Also

Always check and cross-check what is included in your lesson. Each course is different from the next, and some are more exclusive or inclusive than others. You want to check for programs that offer housing, meals, health insurance, and field trips.

Apply for Erasmus Grant

This is the EU program for training, youth and sport. They work in about 34 countries and provide students looking for an internship or study with a monthly grant. As an Erasmus student, you are exempted from paying fees for tuition, registration, examination, or access to the laboratory. This helps you save a lot of money. This grant is mainly awarded to pupils from: 

  • The EU
  • Turkey
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Republic of Macedonia
  • Denmark

You can check your intending institution’s website for adequate information on whether you qualify for this grant or not.


There are so many available for those who travel during their Ph.D. This is not the time to limit yourself, and you are allowed to maximize your time now to have as much fun as you can. 


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