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5 Underrated Tourist Spots in Norway

5 Underrated Tourist Spots in Norway

Norway is full of incredible places like Trondheim, Bergen, and of course, Oslo. While many tourists seem to magnetize towards the main cities, plenty of sites are often missed because they don’t receive enough press or aren’t seen as worthwhile. We’re happy to tell you that the following locations are so interesting that you’ll want to stop by!


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Røros is one of the oldest all wooden towns in Europe and is definitely worth a visit if you’re around northern Norway. Røros is conveniently located on a railway line so you can explore the village without fear of getting lost. Even more exciting is viewing the nature scape on the way while enjoying free wifi to enjoy live roulette or podcasts. 


The city’s intricate maze of courtyards and alleyways made from the same 17th century stone used when it was built. You’ll eventually find your way to Olav’s Mine, which remains intact, and the Rammkjellarn, a cellar with an on-site brewery. You can rent a kicksled to get around during the winter. After all, all of the locals are doing it!


While looking through a tourist magazine, you’ve probably seen the Flåm Railway written about in great length. Over the course of an hour, the train takes you from sea level at the Sognefjord in Flåm to Myrdal mountain station. Instead of getting off at Flåm, head towards Aurland for the most incredible mountainous view you’ve ever seen, and it’s only six miles away!


At the end of Aurlandsfjorden lies the deepest fjord: the Aurland Valley or the Norweigen Grand Canyon. Large cliffs surround Aurland with incredible waterfalls and endless forests. You can see the same thing in Flåm but with fewer tourists. While you’re there, you can take a hike around the valley and drink some incredible coffee at Marianne Bakery & Cafe!


Fredrikstad is a fort located on the Sweedish border and just an hour from Oslo, so it’s worth the trip if you’re staying nearby. About 500 years ago, Fredrikstad was still an operating fortress that kept foreign invaders out, and it’s still incredibly well-preserved. While walking towards the fort, you’ll see multiple moats and canals that surround Old Town.


Despite how close the fort is to Oslo, it’s usually free of tourists, but within town, you’ll find multiple galleries and coffee shops with some of the best food in Norway. A ferry will run through Old Town numerous times during the day, but if you want to go by foot, you can visit Hvaler Island, which is sunny and hot during the summer months.


If you have the time to travel all the way north to Reine, you should. It’s one of the last stops on the train line because it’s not densely populated. Although Reine can get frigid during the winter and there isn’t much to do, the image of untouched lakes, colorful cottages, and scaling cliffs is like a painting come to life. Visit Reine if you want to experience a true Norweigan nature scape.


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You’re free to explore the Lofoten Islands while you’re there, but you may need to drive by yourself to do it. We also recommend you hike Reinebringen, as the climb is relatively easy and the view at the top is incredible. Stay at one of the local hotels for a night and wake up early to see a stunning sunrise that turns the sky orange and yellow.


Another pretty fishing village that sits at the edge of a fjord and tucked away behind a mountain of trees, Undredal cannot be missed by tourists for two main reasons: it’s brown cheese and stave church. As a positive, you won’t need to go far if you’ve already seen Aurland because you can get to Undredal from there in 43 minutes or less.


Before 1988 you could only get to town by boat to see the incredible 1100s churches, so most of the town remains intact. Besides the cheese, Undredal is also famous for its 5:1 goat to people ratio, some of the best cuisine in all of Norway, and it’s delicious ice cream. As always, you’ll be impressed with the gorgeous scenery and old, colorful cottages.


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