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5 Tips To Successful Dating

5 Tips To Successful Dating

Do you want to be more successful at dating? Here are some tips to help you.


  1.       Let Her Know That You Are Interested in Her


Talking to a woman is not as simple as walking to her and asking her out on a date. While this strategy might work in the movies, you can almost always bet that it will not work in real life. A woman wants to know that you are actually interested in her before approaching her, so that she can evaluate you.


If you simply walk up to a woman that does not have a clue that you are walking up to her, you may find yourself just shocking her. In response, she will probably say the first thing that her mum taught her to say to intruding boys: Go Away!


  1.       Establish Eye Contact


It is a very important step. Once the woman knows that you exist, you can now take the game higher. First, continue doing what you were doing when you spotted her. Live your life and enjoy your own moment doing your own thing.


However, don’t forget to glance at her every once in a while, to arouse her curiosity. Does she glance back at you occasionally? When you catch her eye, does she smile to herself? Do her friends look at you and smile? Watch out for the happy signs.


There is no point trying to figure out how to talk to a woman if she does not care whether you are looking at her or all she does is give you a dirty stare. Asking a woman out in such instances ends up in disaster for a novice’s confidence, it is best to avoid it.


  1.       Avoid Picking Her Up


Using a pickup line might be cocky and smart, but in the vast majority of cases, pick up lines end up failing miserably. The best way to figure out when and how to talk to a woman is to ditch the pickup lines and instead use circumstances that will be discussed in greater detail below.


If you are at a gallery or conference and the woman you are eyeing walks up to the display, you can stand next to her and say something out of the blue like “do you know the amount of time it took to make this?” or something equally casual. Similarly, whether it is in a bar, a park, or even the office, you can look around and ask her a question that is relevant to something around her.


However, you should always remember to keep it vague to impress girls according to escort agencies in London. A vague question will make the woman wonder for several seconds, and she will unwittingly end up responding to you. You aren’t hitting on her, you are simply asking her something, and her brain’s intellectual part can’t help but respond to you.


  1.       Avoid Coming on Too Strong


Now this will ideally work best after you have already spoken to her, after you have asked a really vague question. After she has answered it, both of you are in talking mode already, but aren’t really friends.


She would have answered your question and looked away. She obviously understands that you are hitting on her, so she really will not try to keep the conversation going. She may just end up smiling and looking away.


Here, you can do one of two things, introduce yourself immediately or keep going with the questions and introduce yourself after you have asked her several more questions.


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Prolonging the conversation can actually make it a lot more exciting for you both. But of course, she could simply walk out of the conversation if she is at the bar counter waiting for a drink. If you plan to introduce yourself, go ahead and do it, and be honest, tell her that you would like to make a confession, that you have been wanting to speak with her all evening. It is sincere, and most importantly, it is flattery that works.


She obviously knows that you have been staring at her and both of you have actually been exchanging glances. So, you are essentially not “picking” her up. You are making conversation instead.



  1.       Give Her Space


Whenever you talk to a woman, ensure that she knows that she’s free to walk out whenever she wants. Avoid cornering her in awkward spaces like a quiet corridor or outside the ladies’ room. If you are able to handle it, you can even talk to her when she is with her friends.


Always keep in mind that if she feels like she has the space and is actually comfortable in her surroundings, she will be much more comfortable talking to you.


But then again, it is still tricky. If you give a woman too much space, you risk being unable to build a connection and she might just end up walking away. However, as long as you got the first 4 steps right, she will not really walk away.


After all, if you have done a good job of warming her up, she will probably want to talk to you too. As long as you have used the 5 steps on how to talk to a woman discussed here to the tee, you can rest assured that you can now talk to a woman and impress her, without really making it seem as though you were attempting to pick her up, which is something that many women don’t really like.


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