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5 Reasons You Might Need an Entertainment Attorney

5 Reasons You Might Need an Entertainment Attorney

On investigative television shows it can seem like everyone has a family lawyer, a legal professional just waiting to come to a client’s aid when a need arises. While most people do not need to have legal help on hand, this is necessary for some lines of work. Entertainment law is a specialized type of law that many artists and performers rely on heavily. Consider a few questions that may help you decide whether you would benefit from having an entertainment attorney.


1. Are You an Artist?

The most important question for you to answer is whether or not you are an artist whose work contributes to the entertainment industry. Examples of these types of artists include singers, songwriters, and actors. If the kind of work you do falls into this category, you may benefit from finding an entertainment attorney. Lawyers such as John Branca are known for representing musicians and other artists in order to help them navigate various legal issues.

2. Do You Plan To Sign a Contract?

One of the biggest reasons many artists choose to seek legal advice is that the terms of contracts can be difficult to understand and even harder to negotiate. If you are considering signing a contract with a record label, an entertainment lawyer can walk you through each section of the contract so you can be fully informed before signing. Because these legal professionals have likely worked in this field for years, they may be able to work out deals with record labels that you could not.

3. Do You Want To Protect Intellectual Property?

As an artist, you must take steps to protect your music or other creative projects. Even though some forms of art are not tangible, they can still be stolen. Entertainment attorneys can help you to protect your intellectual property so that the things you work so hard to create remain your own.

4. Do You Want To Get Paid?

You no doubt hope to make some money through your work as an artist. While it is possible for you to do this on your own, there are ways your intellectual property rights can be lost if you are not careful. Legal professionals can make sure that every agreement you enter is in your best interest financially.

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5. Do You Understand Taxes?

From signing contracts to handling taxes, legal issues can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Consider whether your creative work might better thrive with a little legal assistance.

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