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5 Reasons Why Now is a Good Time for a Luxury Vacation

5 Reasons Why Now is a Good Time for a Luxury Vacation

Luxury vacations are a fantastic way of rewarding yourself for hard work and commitment to your job. There are so many amazing things you can do on a luxury break including sailing around the world, jetting into hidden gems of island getaways, and of course, visiting some of the most impressive casinos just remember to pack more money for tips! With the current climate as it is a luxury vacation could well be just what the doctor ordered in order to rest and relax your body and mind but if you still need convincing here are five reasons why now is the best time for a luxury vacay!

Perfect for Social Distancing 


As we continue in a global pandemic, social distancing is recommended all over the world. A luxury vacation gives you the chance to use methods of transport that are not commercial in nature, and therefore you will encounter far fewer people as you travel to your destination of choice. Private jets are the perfect solution to concerns about air travel, as you do not need to enter the airport at all, but everything can be arranged for you, and you can be driven straight up to board your plane. Of course, when you add to this the fact that you can charter your private jet whenever you need it, and you will be flying in opulence and luxury then it seems that social distancing certainly isn’t that bad after all. Alternatively, you could look into chartering a boat and explore the world by sea. Extra cleaning routines will be in place, and you can be assured that your cabin crew and pilots will have everything under control in order to get you where you are going safely and efficiently.

Prices are Competitive


There aren’t many locations across the world that haven’t been affected by COVID-19, and this means that everyone has taken a hit financially especially if they are in a social-based industry such as hotels, bars, and entertainment venues. As a consumer, this puts you in a really strong position as they need to get business back through the doors and therefore have some fantastic offers on every service on their books. Hotel rooms are competitively priced, you can get great deals on restaurant meals, and many of the world’s best casinos offering exclusive entertainment nights for a cut-price in order to get people back through the doors. This means it is a perfect time to plan your luxury vacation, as after all, who doesn’t like to save a bit of money if possible, especially when you don’t have to skimp on the quality and luxury. 


Quality Time


Whether you have been working as usual throughout the pandemic or turned the house into an office, it is time for a change. Quality time has slipped for many people because we have been caught up with worrying and stressing about how everything is going to work with restrictions. It is time to get away from it all and put your loved ones first. This means choosing a luxury destination and making time to put down your phone, leave the television alone and just enjoy spending time together seeing new places or relaxing in the sun. For the more adventurous types may be a luxury ski holiday or water sports, but it’s all about actually being together not being distracted by the mundanities of daily life. You could choose to take the children or get them looked after by a relative and rekindle the romance that saw you get together in the first place. 


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The Chance to Escape


Many people are just looking for a reason to get out of the country, it has been a long and stressful year, and many people have not been able to get away as often as they would typically have. Taking advantage of spa facilities, swimming in heated pools, or sitting and enjoying a glass of bubbly in the jacuzzi sound amazing at any time of year. It is even more critical to get away when temperatures start to plummet, after all, if it’s going to be cold you may as well go somewhere and enjoy the après ski or head off in search of the summer sun and lots of warmth. A change of scenery is often just what we need to recharge our batteries and feel better about daily life and our jobs. After all, life can’t just be about working and paying bills.

It is a Big World


Finally, you have to ask yourself why now is not a good time to get away. There is so much world to see, and nobody knows how much time they have. Take advantage of a luxury vacation and see some sights that you may otherwise miss out on. There is just so much going on out there in the world, but you could travel forever and not see it all. To plan a bucket list and see how many things you can tick off during your luxury vacation, and if need be planning a second vacation to get even more done. Maybe you have always dreamt of going to America, to Las Vegas and the casinos or perhaps you want to travel to Australia and see the Outback. With so many amazing things on offer, it certainly is the best time to be planning your luxury vacation and seeing the world in style.

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