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5 Luxe Products for a Good Night’s Sleep

5 Luxe Products for a Good Night’s Sleep


The CDC says that a third of American adults don’t get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of rest per night. Sleep is tied to overall health, and poor sleep can affect concentration and memory. While not everyone will need the same products, here are some of our favorites to get a good night’s sleep.



Pure Parima Sheets 

One key to better sleep is to upgrade your bedding, and once you try Pure Parima sheets, you will wonder how you ever slept on anything else. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton from Nile River Valley certified growers, the 400 thread count, buttery soft sheets are CEA (Cotton Egypt Association) certified with the Accredited Gold Seal, which means their cotton is DNA tested to ensure authenticity.  From the pristine sustainable packaging to the attention to detail (sateen weave, deep pockets) these sheets will ensure a better night’s sleep!



Cozy Earth Loungewear 

Cozy Earth has created the perfect loungewear for a good night’s sleep. Made from temperature-regulating viscose from bamboo and breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that feels cool, the pajamas are flattering on every body type.  This is one of Oprah’s favorites for a reason!



Beam Organics Dream CBD Powder 

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As a busy New Yorker, you are used to having friends that have insomnia. After referring them to Dream CBD, they have never slept better. Made up of nano hemp, melatonin, L-Theanine, magnesium, and Reishi, it tastes like a comforting hot chocolate but is dairy-free, keto-friendly, and gluten-free. The results? Deep, restful sleep.


Hatch Restore 

Celeb- favorite, Hatch Restore is a sleek bedside sleep assistant designed to help users fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up more easily. Its all-in-one features simplify your bedtime routine by including wind-down routines, curated sleep content, soothing sleep sounds, and a sunrise alarm. $129.99


The Good Patch

Wind down with The Good Patch, a chic collection of wearable wellness patches that offer solutions with added functional benefits, including Dream (for the quality shut-eye you’ve been craving), Rescue (for bouncing back after a night out), and Relax (for unwinding after a hectic day).  Plant-based, 3rd party tested for purity and works steadily over an 8-12 hour period.

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