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5 Items You Must Pack on Your Honeymoon

5 Items You Must Pack on Your Honeymoon


Many couples plan to travel immediately following their wedding. While the trip may be a vacation, it is more than just a vacation. It occurs during a special time and it celebrates an occasion the couple will never experience again: the joining of their lives. With so much importance placed on this one trip, it can be stressful to plan everything so that the trip is not only perfect but has a touch of magic to it as well. For such an important trip, you’ll be sure to pack the usuals such as toiletries, small electronics and travel brochures. You’ll also want to pack the small things that will help make the upcoming moments memorable.

The Reservations

It’s likely you aren’t planning to spend your entire vacation indoors. Every honeymoon needs that special place that you will want to return to years later. That special place could be an exquisite restaurant where the wait staff tends to you like royalty and the food, which looks as good as it tastes, arrives over several courses. This is where you can really splurge to make your first adventure together with a reminder of why you fell in love many years later. As your packing, don’t forget the dinner reservations.

The Intimates

While getting out and seeing amazing sights will be high on your list of priorities, so will spending plenty of alone time together. During the alone time, there’s no need to dress up. In fact, you should plan to dress down. One way to make this alone time more enjoyable is to purchase couples matching underwear sets ahead of the trip. Not only will you be more comfortable as you’re shacked up in your temporary love nest, but you’ll also have permission to ogle your “twinsie.”

The Love Letter

The best thing about new love is you can’t give too much of it.  The more you proclaim your love for one another, the more you eat it up. The honeymoon is the perfect time to present in writing everything you’ve been feeling since the first day you met. Document how your love has grown and strengthened. The letter will be treasured for the life of your love and passed on to future generations afterward. Imagine the stories it will conjure and the future love it will inspire.

The Mood

When it comes to setting the right mood, a playlist is a must-have. Leading up to the wedding, listen to plenty of music and make note of songs that may have special meaning to you both. Your playlist will be great for moments such as when you’re sitting on the balcony watching the sunset. You also need to include music that puts you in the mood for things to come later. Some couples even enjoy having music that continues through to the final act. Planning the playlist and when you want to utilize it with your soon-to-be spouse can ensure the choices are mutually pleasurable.

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The Ambience

You can’t expect the music to set the mood alone. While the music has the biggest role, the perfect atmosphere tingles all the senses. Pack a few candles to make your room visually pleasing. Oils will not only feel good, but they’ll add an alluring aroma. Now, you have sight, sound, smell, and touch covered. You’re missing taste, but surely you can figure that one out on your own.

These five things have the makings of the perfect honeymoon. The idea is that your honeymoon is a time to relax and be spoiled. For many couples, once the honeymoon is over, it is quickly replaced by the daily grind. The more amazing your life adventure together can start out, the more amazing it will continue to be.

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