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5 Great U.S. Places for Luxury Cannabis Tourism

5 Great U.S. Places for Luxury Cannabis Tourism

While some of the world has recently reinvited American tourists, much of Europe and Asia continues to prohibit travelers from the U.S. without strict quarantining procedures. As a result, avid travelers interested in planning a trip during the coming year should turn their focus stateside, looking for exciting and interesting domestic travel opportunities.

Fortunately, the great United States might hold more excitement and interest than many luxury travelers expect — especially travelers interested in sampling the budding cannabis culture around the country. Those looking for a high-class trip with the option of weed should look no further than the following American cities:


Colorado was among the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana, which means it has enjoyed the longest amount of time to grow its cannabis industry and develop its weed tourism offerings. Moreover, all people must know state-specific medical marijuana labels to avoid legal complications. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Denver presents some of the most diverse and most plentiful cannabis tourism opportunities.

We recommend staying at a bud and breakfast like the Adagio, which is one of the more sumptuous accommodations that allows you to partake in any weed goodies you buy during your trip. There are a number of cannabis tours available to show you the sights and introduce you to the highest quality dispensaries in the area, but grow tours, which bring travelers inside greenhouses and cannabis farms, are particularly delightful for the experienced weed enthusiast.

The Bay Area

It is safe to say the reefer revolution got its start on the West Coast, and the Bay Area has long been the heart of the movement. In fact, San Francisco still has a neighborhood dedicated to counterculture; though recreational cannabis has been legal in the state for years, Haight-Ashbury still celebrates its weedy roots with a number of high-profile dispensaries and kitschy street art.

However, if you are looking for a more high-class vacation, you might want to expand your scope to the fringes of the Bay Area — and possibly beyond. Just outside San Francisco is California’s wine country, which has recently become a haven for cannabis growers, too. You can stay in the Napa Valley Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa to enjoy some rejuvenating CBD treatments before your weed and wine tours.


Many forget that Alaska has enjoyed legal recreational weed since 2015, almost as long as Colorado and Washington state. Yet, the Last Frontier’s marijuana industry is booming — right alongside its adventure and luxury travel industries — to ensure you have a vacation that is equal parts relaxing and thrilling.

Though camping isn’t most luxury tourist’s idea of a good time, glamping opportunities abound, providing impeccable sights of the Alaskan wilderness alongside deluxe amenities like plush bedding and saunas. However, you should verify that your glamping provider is 420-friendly before you book if you hope to partake in pot during your outdoor adventure.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. has been 420-friendly since 2015 — but the nation’s capital is a bit strange with its recreational marijuana regulations. Unlike other cities on this list, dispensaries in D.C. are purely medicinal; if you want to get high for fun, you need to grow your own cannabis crop. What’s more, it is illegal to possess any cannabis on federal land, which makes up more than a quarter of the city. As a result, D.C. is truly only a viable weed destination for travelers who know a cannabis grower in the area.

Even so, there are a number of excellent activities to enjoy while you are high. Visiting the monuments and museums is always more fun with a bit of a buzz, and some of the shows within the Smithsonian — particularly those in the Air and Space Museum — are vastly improved when you are stoned.

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Maybe: Phoenix

As we post, Arizona is voting on whether to permit recreational marijuana sales in the state — and almost all experts expect the initiative to pass. That means there could be a brand-new cannabis destination available come 2021, giving you a new place and new pot to explore.

Phoenix has long been a travel destination for its unique landscape and climate. Gorgeous in the spring and fall, with temperatures perfect for hiking, swimming and more, the Valley of the Sun is packed with luxury accommodations and deluxe attractions. Though it is impossible to predict what weed tourism will be up and running by your trip, you can be certain that some dispensaries will be able to cater to your needs.




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