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5 Common House Selling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common House Selling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Are you trying to sell your home quickly? It can be extremely frustrating when a home stands stagnant on the market for a long time. However, if you know the pitfalls, you can begin to attract sales quickly. 

Luckily, making these changes should cost you very little. Read on for our must-know guide on house selling mistakes. 


Selling at The Wrong Time

Firstly, you should consider how long you have lived in your home to avoid capital gains tax. If you are selling your primary residence, you need to have lived in it for two of the last five years. 

Other than this, times of the year can help you sell faster. On average, selling in spring can help you sell 18 days faster and result in a 5.9% profit. You may also want to wait until the property market is in a seller’s market.


Skipping a Home Inspection

A home inspection may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, once you have a buyer, it can seriously delay the process if their home inspection brings up any problems. 

Pests, mold and cracked foundations are common reasons people delay the sale or try to negotiate. By addressing them beforehand, you take away their leverage. If you really want to sell a house fast without making changes, then speak to a home buying company. 


Forgetting About Closing Costs

The money you sell your property for is not the final profit you will receive. This is why you must get a fair house price, as closing costs can take a large chunk of the capital away from you. 

Closing costs include commissions, which can average around 6 percent that goes to real estate agents. Taxes such as transfer and property can also cut into the budget. Finally, advertising costs, attorney fees, and title insurance can also add up. 


Getting Emotional

When selling a home for families, it is easy to get emotional. You may love your home and have memories in it, but you have made the decision to move on, and you must act professionally. 

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Make sure you do not get emotional during negotiations. Although the decor and changes done to the house may suit you, other people may have other ideas from their own personal preferences. 

Finally, accommodate showings. When hosting open houses, let the real estate agent deal with it and go out for the day with family and pets. 



Understandably, you want the best deal for your property. However, overpricing can put customers off. In fact, if you want a fast sale, you may even consider lowering your price to attract more buyers. 


House Selling Mistakes

Once you avoid these house selling mistakes, you should attract people and make a quick sale. There are also many alternative methods of selling, which may also attract buyers. 

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