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5 Best Van Life Accessories for Life on the Open Road

5 Best Van Life Accessories for Life on the Open Road

Are you wondering what best van life accessories you will need to live a comfortable life in your newly purchased road tripping van?

We know it’s a broad question, and everyone is going to have a different opinion on what they need and don’t need to get by. What we’ve done, though, is compiled a shortlist of five of the most essential items that any van lifer would agree is a must-have for endless road adventures.

The goal behind our list was to provide you with the daily essentials. Items you literally can’t, or just shouldn’t live without. The categories are broad enough to allow you to perform an individual search for the right item that fits your budget and available van space.

With that said, let’s dive into the list!

1. GPS Device

A sturdy, up to date GPS system that can be powered from your vans internal battery is a must. We all want to get lost, but not forever! Make sure your GPS system can connect to a wi-fi source to receive the latest software and map updates from the company of your choice!

2. Standard Emergency Kit

A standard emergency kit will ensure that you’re prepared for the minor cuts and scrapes in the bushes ahead. Don’t let a minor injury ruin your day or prevent you from seeking further medical assistance in a time of need.

You might want to look into a roadside emergency kit for your van too!

3. Automobile Alarm System

If you’re truly going for an off the grid, remote lifestyle in your van, you will want the best alarm system that you can possibly afford. Not so much because you have to worry about invaders in the wild – but with all that valuable gear onboard, you are a prime target for theft when resupplying in the city!

4. A Solid Bike Rack

You are going to want to go places that your van just can’t take you – and we all know that hiking can wear you out very quickly.

Having a couple of decent mountain bikes you can rack up to prepare for more adventure, will improve your travel capabilities and provide much needed extra storage space for other supplies. You might be rack hungry.

5. Your Everyday Essentials

Many of the best van life accessories are often overlooked in the category of everyday essentials. These items might include a portable stove for cooking, water storage and filtration, extra blankets and towels, and other creature comforts necessary for a semi-normal van life adventure.

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Finally Ready for Your Van Life Adventure?

We know that this list isn’t nearly long enough to cover the best van life accessories needed for a well-equipped, comfortable, and safe journey. Feel free to let us know more about the cool items you’ve found or used on your van life journey.

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Have any other questions or comments about this topic? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below! We’re always open to new tips and tricks from this ever-growing and evolving community.

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