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5 best places to visit in North India, 2021

5 best places to visit in North India, 2021

North India is known for the paramount beauty of the Himalayas, the serene valleys, peaceful remote villages, fast-flowing rivers, and so on. If you want to revel in the gorgeous beauty of North India, several tour packages are there like the Kashmir trip package or the Himachal tour package which you can avail. These packages usually have an itinerary that covers the most important cities and states in Northern India. 

But before you choose a travel package to visit the northern part of the country, we would like to make you familiar with some of the most amazing places to visit. So, without any further ado, let’s take a peak at the unparalleled beauty of North India. 


The first place that you must visit in Northern India is Kashmir. This state is said to be the crown of India, thanks to the Himadri and upper Himachal ranges, the valleys, and the high snow-capped peaks. Srinagar and Jammu, the two capitals of the state are located in the valleys, and surrounded with lofty mountains. 

Kashmir has both established cities like Srinagar and remote villages like Pehalgaon. Beas river flows through the state along with small tributaries of other rivers. The Apple orchards of the Betaab Valley are a must visit. A little away from this place is Chandanbari, the starting point of Amarnath trek. If you love nature, you can visit the lily garden in Kashmir along with other gardens which are known for their natural beauty. 

Visiting Kashmir and not enjoying fresh snow will be disheartening. Gulmarg to Khilanmarg are the two places which receive fresh snow and are great for experiencing the cold weather. Lastly, the Dal Lake and the Shikaras make Kasmir the most unique place to visit.


Varanasi is known for pilgrims as the city has numerous temples and other devotional sites you can visit. Lying along the River Ganges, Varanasi attracts a lot of tourists each year, both national and foreign individuals. The spectacular view of the “Sandhya Aarti” near the river is unforgettable. 

Being one of the oldest cities, you can still feel the ancient vibes lingering in the air. Taking a boat ride in the wide Ganges river will give you a remarkable experience. There are several historic places also in Varanasi, the Dhamek Stupa being one of them. Rumors say that Buddha gave his first sermon in this stupa. This northern city is also famous for the colossal Kashi-Vishwanath temple. 

Another famous temple is the Durga temple which is devoted to Goddess Durga. Here you will find monkeys crowding the place every day. If you want to engage in a relaxing activity, visit the Ruchika Art Gallery and pick up the paint brush to create your own painting.


If you are looking for a Kashmir tour package, you can choose one including Amritsar in the itinerary. It will help you cover both the places of Northern India. Amritsar has three most important places to visit. First is obviously the Golden Temple which is known for its grandeur and elegance. Sitting in the middle of a huge lake, the temple complex offers an exquisite view. 

Another most important place that you have to visit is the Jallianwala Bagh. Located near to the Golden Temple, this historic place is known for its past. The events that took place in the Jallianwala Bagh massacre will always leave a deep scar in the heart of Indians. You can still see the bullets stuck in the walls along with the well where people jumped to protect themselves from the onslaught of bullets fired by British. 

You can also visit the Wagha Border where every evening, an event is organized. While going to Wagah Border, you will come across several military compounds, large yellow mustard fields, and an exquisite view of the remote villages.


One of the most important places to visit in North India is Manali. Nestled in the laps of the Himachal mountains, Manali offers wonderful views of the far-off snow-capped mountains. Near Manali, there are several places to go for trekking. The Pin Parvati trek and the ChandraKhani Pass trek are the two most popular hiking trails in Manali. Besides, you can even relish in the alpine beauty of the Bhrigu Lake Trek and the Hampta Pass trek. 

You can even enjoy paragliding from Solang Valley along with enjoying a warm cup of coffee while marvelling at the mountain backdrop. If you want to experience the beauty of snow-capped mountains, Rohtang Pass is the best place. Here you can even ski on the snow and cover the entire valley. 

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Manali is the home to many waterfalls like the Johini and the Rahalla falls. For shopping exotic items from Manali, you can visit the Mall road and other local markets in the city.

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Leh, Ladakh

One of the best places known for the splendor and grandeur of Northern India and the mountain ranges is Leh, Ladakh. The Pangong Lake is one of most visited places which is known for its colossal size and the clean, deep blue color of the lake. Surrounding is the alpine vegetation which further enhances the beauty. 

You can embark on several trek trails like the Khardungla Pass trek, Nubra Valley trek, and the Sangam Point trek. Besides these places, Leh also has several monasteries and Buddhist places. Namgyal monastery, Thiksey monastery, Hemis monastery, and the Lamayuru monastery are the few ones to name. 

Besides the Pangong Lake, you can also visit the Tso Moriri Lake, the Tso Kar lake, and so on. Leh is known for many exhilarating activities like motorbike riding, camel riding, jeep safari, and others. Make sure to cover maximum treks to enjoy the alpine vegetation and the constant changing geography of the place.


The northern part of India is known for the exquisite natural beauty and the completely different culture from the rest of the country. Moreover, the cuisine and the weather are also other reasons for which these states have become tourist hotspots over the years. So, do not make any delay and immediately start planning the itinerary. 

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