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4 Ways to Make Quarantine More Enjoyable

4 Ways to Make Quarantine More Enjoyable


If you are in the United States, you probably have spent some time over the last few months sheltering-in-place. Between coming up with 3 meals a day, an endless video conference, and workouts from your bedroom, quarantine can be a little bit repetitive. Here are 4 ways to make quarantine more enjoyable:




Develop a morning tea ritual 

Mornings are the perfect time to take time for yourself and develop a ritual that gets you ready for your day ahead. Read Inspiring words, meditate, journal, and develop a tea ritual. One beautiful option is Blue Lotus Chai, an authentic “Masala Chai” free of additives, sweeteners, and milk powder. Founded by Barbara Cameron from her love of India, she started Blue Lotus Chai to bring the spiced tea to America. Easy to make, and sip while enjoying your morning.



Make time for creativity 

Stay entertained mindfully in the here and now. Being creative is a great stress-reliever. Check out Buddha Board, which all you need is water to create a mind soothing masterpiece and then watch as it fades like the retreating tide into the sea. Use over and over again. $34.99



Move your body 

With gyms being shut down and no group classes available, this is the time to take your workout outdoors.  A recent survey revealed that more than 40% of planned to change their fitness routine to be home-focused post-COVID, due to COVID fears. Jumping rope is one of the best full-body workouts that can be done almost anywhere. Crossrope weighted jump ropes make it easy with a free Crossrope app, that you can access full-body workouts that combine strength, cardio, fat-burning, and muscle building into condensed HIIT, strength, and endurance workouts that are suited for all fitness levels.



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Get a good night’s sleep 

We all know how important sleep is for mental and physical, but one in four Americans develop insomnia every year, and a 2,000 person survey conducted by Hammonds Furniture revealed that 70% of people who started working from home have experienced disrupted sleep patterns in some way.

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