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4 Hobbies That Need A Lot Of Stuff

4 Hobbies That Need A Lot Of Stuff

Now the world is opening up again after the recent coronavirus pandemic, many sports facilities are hoping to welcome crowds back into the stadiums, and there will be more opportunities to take classes and do courses to expand your knowledge and socialize with new people very soon.


If you’ve spent the last few months cooped up inside your house, you might be looking at getting a new hobby to help you pass the time and meet new people.

New Hobbies, New Stuff To Store

Just because a hobby comes with a lot of stuff, it doesn’t mean it should put you off! Use websites such as storagearea.com to find your nearest self-storage unit and fill it with all of your new gear, ensuring you can enjoy your new hobby until your heart’s content. With your storage organized, nothing is stopping you from trying one of (or all of) these four amazing hobbies.

  • Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in the USA and in Canada, and our National Hockey League is recognized across the world as a gold standard in Ice Hockey. The greatest game on earth does, however, come with a LOT of gear, especially if you play as a goalkeeper!


The typical kit for a hockey player will include skates, gloves, padded shorts, sticks, a helmet, and probably a mouth guard or two as well as jerseys for home games and away games. Oh, and the kit stinks too, even more reason to stow it away from your property!

  • Historical Reenactment

Reenactment is a popular hobby for history enthusiasts across the world, with international events happening in countries such as the USA, Portugal, and even rainy England. By its very nature, though, reenactment does mean storing a lot of gear and, depending on how seriously you take it and your time period, it could mean storing a whole new home’s worth of stuff, including canvas tents, pots, bowls, fire pits, and even weaponry!

  • Photography


Cameras are getting smaller, right? So why is photography on this list? Photography itself doesn’t have to come with a lot of gear, and minimalist photography is a bit of a trend right now, but if you get into photography seriously, and especially studio photography, expect to have a lot of new gear along with that small camera. From lenses to backdrops, lighting units to modifiers, and then there are the props… photography means getting a lot of (expensive) gear if you get into it.

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  • Crafts and Needlework

There’s a bit of a joke in the crafting world, especially for knitters and needleworkers, that you will get to the point where you have more yarn or fabric than you do years left to use it all!


While you don’t need a lot of stuff to get into crafting and needlework, it is definitely one of those hobbies that lends itself well to amassing gear, and you’re more than likely going to find yourself saying, “oh, that’s a nice fabric, I could make something with that” more often than you will find yourself saying “I have exactly the right fabric for that project, I’ll start it right now,” and therein lies the problem.


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