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3 Work from Home Items You Can Afford with Savings from a Patriot Funding Loan

3 Work from Home Items You Can Afford with Savings from a Patriot Funding Loan

You don’t need a consolidation loan if you have a durable income, at least $10,000 in savings, and virtually no debt. But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that this describes very few people. If you are among the swelling ranks of people doing their job from home, you also have discovered a lot of expenditures that go with your new work arrangement.

It is not easy to work from home because the average abode is not set up for doing business. It is set up for all the things that distract one from doing business. Making your home into a suitable place from which to earn a living requires forethought, creativity, and money.

Patriot Funding cannot help you with the first two. However, the third item is right in their wheelhouse. If you had to spend any time off from work due to the pandemic, you probably had to lean on credit cards a lot more than usual. But those high-interest debt makers will tie up a lot more of your income than you anticipated.

A consolidation loan, much like even the best installment loans, brings all those high-interest debts together in one payment that is lower than your previously combined payment. That is the benefit of having a lower interest rate. Most of your debt payments go to interest. Lower your interest and you lower your payments. With those savings, you should have enough to transform some portion of your home into a productive workspace. Here is some of what you need:

A Desk That Does More

Since all the health science tells us that standing is better than sitting for 8 hrs. a day, why are you still sitting down to work? Don’t spend $1,000 upgrading your chair. Spend it on upgrading your desk. Don’t just upgrade your desk. Uplift it. Get a standing desk so that you can spend part of your day in a healthier posture while you work.

Some offices have standing desks. More often, those desks are reserved for the floor managers. When you are working from home, you are the manager. There is no good reason you have to stop working every time you need to stretch your legs. For too long, we have associated standing with the stoppage of work. That is unproductive and unhealthy thinking. So when you outfit your home/office with a desk, make sure it is one that can accommodate work in the standing as well as sitting position.

A Fridge, A Coffee Maker, and a Comfy Chair

There is a chance your tax preparer will look at the line items with confusion if they include a fridge, a coffee maker, and a comfy chair. These don’t sound like work-related things. But they just might be what increases your productivity by 20% or more.

Before Covid, many companies were taking break time more seriously. Some had ping-pong or pool tables. Some even have video game rooms. The company kitchen is always one of the most popular areas in the office.

Your home office lacks these luxuries. When you leave your office, you enter a minefield of distractions from your spouse, your kids, your dog, and your chores. Having a snack area in your office with a place to lounge that is not your desk will allow you to refresh yourself without having to leave your workspace. Unless the kitchen is also your office, give yourself a safe space for a proper break.

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A Work Computer

I know. You already have a computer. That is beside the point. You need a work computer that is never used for anything else. It is a computer you need to physically turn on in the morning and physically turn off in the evening. To the degree possible, it needs to be air gapped from the rest of the world.

You don’t want to give Facebook access to your work. You don’t want to be responsible for bringing the whole company down due to a hack. And you don’t want to effectively be unemployed if your laptop gets lost or stolen. Life happens to casual-use computers. Your work computer, along with your workspace, needs to be separate from everything else.

A consolidation loan will not make you more thoughtful or creative. But it can, through savings, provide you with the money to upgrade and uplift your desk, create a break area that leaves you energized for work rather than distracted from it, and a computer that is life-proof and work-ready. 


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