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10 Tips to Design a Luxurious Bathroom

10 Tips to Design a Luxurious Bathroom

The bathroom may be the last place you think about, but it’ll be the first place you notice in your home if it’s not built well. While not necessary, a hangout, the bathroom provides you with the most needed facilities and the most tailored self-care in your entire home. What may surprise you is that a luxurious bathroom can be within your reach if you take the time for a thoughtful and careful design.


Here are ten tips to get you started.


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  1. Tile. Whether porcelain or ceramic, stone, or slate — adding high-quality tiles throughout your bathroom will add long-lasting quality and an expensive feel. You can tile throughout not just the floor, but use these materials to create a custom shower or bath setup as well.
  2. Heated floors. On the subject of tiles, consider radiant floor heat as well. When installing tiles in your bathroom you can now install under-tile heating that will make sure you never have to hop across the floor in winter with cold feet.
  3. Double sinks. The key to a happy marriage is two partners not getting in each other’s way other’s — well that’s the key to many happy marriages anyway. It’s simply not romantic to be cleaning someone else’s razor or wiping off someone’s spilled toothpaste. Get a double sink — one for each of you.
  4. Bidets. Sustainability-focused builders won’t forget to include the choice of a toilet and a bidet in a luxury bathroom. Bidets offer added cleaning abilities and less waste. In fact, if everyone installed a bidet, we would save over 15 million trees, which is no small difference.
  5. Water-saving toilets. Installing low-flow toilets is an excellent way to add another eco-friendly feature to your luxurious bathroom, but make sure you read up on how to prevent toilet clogs — because nothing ruins luxury like an overflowing toilet, and low-flows can be rather sensitive.
  6. Steam showers. Steam showers are another bathroom luxury that will make you feel like you have an at-home spa. The modern cross between a shower and a steam sauna, these additions are worth the extra for the soothing benefits of hot steam on-demand. Consider it not a luxury, but an investment in your health.
  7. Massaging showerheads. You can’t afford a personal masseuse, but you can afford this. From handheld to wall-mounted shower panels, these pulsating water sources are designed to ease muscle tension and soothe away the day’s stress. Even better, almost any existing shower setup can find a massaging shower head to match.
  8. Skylights. Seriously, no one wants a bathroom with tons of windows, but everyone enjoys natural light and even the night sky. Add one or more skylights to create a luxury feel in your bathroom while maintaining your privacy too.
  9. Soaking tub. Your bathtub can become your own personal hot tub just as long as you have enough room to soak those sore muscles. Make sure you install a tub that fits the right size person or person who will be using the facility. Level up your tub with your favorite bath salts, bubble bath, or reading tray with a wine holder.
  10. Dimmable lighting. Candles are lovely, but we don’t always want fire danger. Bright lights help us see things, and that includes every wrinkle we didn’t need to know about. Dimmable light will provide a luxury feel without the price.


Your luxurious bathroom is within your reach, and it doesn’t have to break the budget. By making smart edits and upgrades to your existing room, you’ll be feeling like a million bucks.

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