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     10 things you need to know before having a pool

     10 things you need to know before having a pool

Many people admire enjoying the pool sessions, especially in summers and spring season. Having a swimming pool in your own place is a merriment activity. You can enjoy it for hours in your own place. Installing a pool at your own place will not only increase the worth of your home, but it will also make your home look more incredible and unique. But installing your own pool is not a cheap thing. You would need a huge amount of money to invest in that. In-ground pools can cost you from $20,000 to $100,000, it depends on you how much you want to invest in a pool. Besides the cost of a pool, it also requires a lot of maintenance and care. Financing a pool is a good idea for you, you can easily get a loan to transform your dream into reality.  

Owning a pool is not about having fun all the time, you will require a lot of its maintenance. Your pool is a significant investment. There are a few things you have to keep in mind to make sure whether your pool is working properly or not. Is there any crack in your pool plaster? This article will guide you to 10 things before owning a pool. 

Laws regarding swimming pool

Before digging the ground, you should know about the laws of your areas. There are different areas in which the government should not allow them to install your own pool, and in some areas, they allow the permission on some conditions like, the height, depth of the pool, and which kind of pool plaster that you should use. Your pool must surround by fences and other things like that. Therefore, you must survey completely about your area and the conditions they recommend you installing the pool. 

Type of your pool

Before starting the construction of your pool, make a concrete plan in mind what type of pool you are going to build. There are three main types of in-ground pools that are popular in the United States these are vinyl liner, fiberglass, and a concrete pool. These types of pools use different types of pool plaster. Make sure you know about the pools before installing it. Decide the one which is more suitable and appropriate for you. Call the professionals to help you out, they will also guide you to the type of pool that would be suitable at your place. 

Make a durable pool

When you are ready to install the pool, make sure you are going for a durable one. As vinyl liner and fiberglass takes less time installation, their pool plaster gets ready in a few days, but they are not much durable. You should customize your concrete pool, it may take longer to install. But this pool will be worthy of installation. But if do not prefer it, you can also go with a vinyl and fiberglass pool. You can contact your insurance agent to increase your policy and give you an advantage on any damage. 


Water circulation system

To make the water circulating and sparkling in the pool, the pool needs the best water circulation system. Therefore, seek a reliable aquatic system. You can take the help of a professional who will guide you to fix an efficient water circulatory system.


Regular maintenance

 You need to maintain your pool on regular basis. If you properly maintain it, it will increase the worth of your home. And if you do not maintain it, you will lose the value of the home too. Regular maintenance includes maintaining the filters and pumps, repairs anything which you find broken. See whether you find any crack in your pool plaster or not? If you find it you should immediately call the professional to fix it. There should be a cleaning team of four, five persons for its cleanliness purposes. There are so many tiny creatures that must be entered into the pool from the environment and ruin your pool plaster, some of these insects are microscopic which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, regular maintenance is very important.

Determine your budget

Before installing your dream pool, determine your budget. Think about its maintenance and the amount that you would require for its accessories, make sure you have considered all the expenses in your head before installing it. Different pool plaster costs you differently.  

Mosaic tiles

If you do not want to rely on pool plaster only. You can customize the floor of your pool. Unlike common tiles, these tiles will give an amazing effect on users. Mosaic tiles come in different styles and designs. These designs are very striking when you look from above or outside the pool.


A waterfall in a pool will make it more look more dramatic and amazing. You would not be bored in your pool if you add these features. As the sound of a waterfall is so relaxing and soothing, most people enjoy its sound while sitting in the pool.


You can add a fire pit for your swimming pools. There will be two purposes that will serve the fire pit, you can enjoy the warmness of it on cold days and it will aesthetically add to the beauty of your pool.

 Extra lighting

If you add extra lighting in your pool, it will enhance the beauty of your ambiance. Now you can enjoy the pool parties at night too.

 Pool filter

See Also

There are three types of pool filters, financing a pool from a recognized company will guide you, which filter should you use in your pool.

  • Cartridge filter
  • Sand filter
  • Diatomaceous Earth filter

 Cartridge filter

If you want a new filter for your cartridge, it will cost you between $13 and $75. This filter will cost you depending on the size of the filter. If you want your pool to function properly, you should replace it frequently. Regular removal of a cartridge is required because of trapping oils which cannot be removed easily.

Sand filter

Sand filter costs about $12 a bag. If you want to replace a sand filter system, it will cost you from $150 to $500. These filters are basically equipped with greater pressure. If you find your pressure gets too high, you should immediately change the filter. But if you find the pressure system is fine, you have to change the sand in the filter. When you will insert new sand in the filter, it will help to trap the particles. 

Diatomaceous Earth filter

If you want to replace a diatomaceous earth filter, it will costs you around $600 to $700. Sometimes it gets too difficult for you to understand, whether you have to replace the filter or not. At this time you should hire a professional who will guide you properly. 




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