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10 best destination vacations for 2021

10 best destination vacations for 2021

If you are tired of being cooped up in your house, we don’t blame you! Now that the world is safe to travel and everything has opened up again, it is time to pack your bags, book your plane tickets, and get on the road. Just because we have missed a year or two of traveling adventures, this doesn’t mean that we can now become complacent with staying in our own little bubble – instead, it is time to take a flight, rent a car, or take a train to a new and exotic destination that you have never been before.


Nothing opens up your eyes quite like traveling. Instead of just going to the same old destination vacation spot – like a resort in Florida or Cancun – why not try somewhere new? Even though it can be fun to sip a mojito on the beach, it can be a more rewarding experience if you go somewhere new, learn about their culture, meet new people, and have new experiences


Forthso who want to go outside of their comfort zone, go abroad, and discover a new city or country they have never been to before, check out this list of the best destination vacations for 2021. There is still time to have a great vacation this year – click here for travel!


10 destination vacations for 2021 – click here for travel!




One of the lesser-known vacation destinations that should be on the top of your list is Croatia – compete with bustling cities like Zagreb and cute seaside towns like Sibenik, Croatia has it all. Not to mention, this country is extremely affordable! Instead of spending a fortune to head to Italy and the Amalfi Coast – which everyone wants to do and costs an arm and a leg – why not head to Croatia? You will be able to get comparable sites to the beautiful sea, indulgent food, and meet friendly people. 


We recommend heading here and staying along the coast. You can look into the boats and go island hopping one day, take a tour of the cities and towns by bike, and head to the national parks on another day. Rent a car or take the bus to Plitvice Lakes National Park to get a glimpse of some of the best waterfalls in the world – click here for travel! 


Hint: If you’re going to multiple countries, Croatia is a great place to go either before or after a quick trip to Italy and Slovenia!




Although slightly less visited than its counterparts of Sweden and nearby Denmark, Norway should be on everyone’s list of both summer and winter destinations. In the summer, you can head here for some of the best hiking and sightseeing in the world – just google pictures of Tromso to get a feel of what you will be seeing!


Not to mention, this is one of the best places that you can go in the wintertime to see the Northern Lights. You should head to one of the Scandinavian countries or Iceland in the winter/early spring period to increase your chance of seeing this once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing the lights! 


After you have had a city break from going to Oslo, we recommend exploring the famous fjords. These incredible land masses jut out from the mainland and are the perfect spots to hike, walk around cute Arctic towns, and see some of the best sights in the world. 


Hint: Take the Norwegian train line to Tromso for some of the best sights in the country and in all of Europe! 




An affordable and warm-weather vacation spot, Portugal has been on the list of peoples’ vacation destinations. If you are from Ireland, the United Kingdom – they frequently travel here during the Bank Holiday weekends and winter season to get some much-needed sun and replenish on Vitamin D. However, for others around the world, it may be less visited when it comes to the likes of France and Spain. However, visiting Portugal should be a destination vacation in its own right! 


Not only are there culturally interesting and eccentric cities like Faro and Lisbon, but you can take a drive and explore the Portuguese coast. We recommend going to find secluded beaches and surfing spots near Faro to have some solitude and enjoy your vacation.

Hint: Head to Contiki to have your own mini stay-cation within the vacation! This destination spot within Portugal is known for having a self-care holiday that involves fun activities like surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and yoga on the beach – click here for travel! 




Even though Vienna is always on the list of where people should go to travel and visit – since it has constantly been ranked as one of the most liveable and best cities in the world for many years running – other parts of Austria are less visited in the tourist season! We recommend heading to Central and Western Austria to check out regions like Tyrol and Vorarlberg.


Vorarlberg is just as beautiful as Tyrol and Switzerland – but a fraction of the price. You can head to Feldkirch or Dornbirn to walk around the cities and then find out where you want to go next – we recommend heading to the smaller towns in the mountains. You can head here via the long and winding mountain roads that are accessible by car, bus, or train. 


Once you are in the mountain towns, the real fun begins! You can either hike to the top of peaks and summer refuges in the warm season, or you can take a cable car to the nearby peaks in the winter. If you’re an avid skier or hiker, this is the perfect spot for you – click here for travel!


Hint: For the best hiking and skiing in the region, head to the Montafon mountains! 


Southern Africa


Not just solely limited to South Africa itself, but Southern Africa as a whole should be visited – this includes countries like Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and much more! You should head here if you have an affinity for nature, animals, and want to experience new cultures. After all, if you have only traveled in North America and Europe for your whole life, this will be a big difference – and can be great to open your eyes to new cultures and some of the world’s friendliest people! 


Hint: We recommend booking out with a specific tour group that would suit your personal needs. If you like adventures and active captions, try looking into Intrepid Travel or an adventure-based travel group. 


Egypt & Jordan


You can easily combine these two countries into one trip since they share a border. If you are interested in going to Africa and getting a glimpse into a country that has a mixture of Middle Eastern and African culture consider visiting Egypt and Jordan. Again, we recommend choosing a tour group that can bring you to the best sights, helps you book accommodation, and takes you to some of the lesser-known spots that tourists don’t necessarily find.


See Also

Hint: Check out Petra in Jordan to see one of the greatest natural landscapes. 


South America


Often overshadowed by North American tourists who want to travel to far-away destinations like Asia and Europe, South America is beautiful and respectable in its own right. With friendly people, clothes fracture, beautiful landscapes, outdoor activities, mountains, beaches, cities, and much more, South America has it all! 


Hint: We recommend heading to Patagonia if you are an outdoor enthusiast. 




Even though it may not be really traveling far from you if you are from the United States, Canada is so big that you can feel like you’re flying all the way to Europe! After all, a flight from New York or Philadelphia to Vancouver is just as far, coming in at about 6 hours. If you love to be outside, go hiking, enjoy water sports, and want to get a taste of what it might be like to live in a mountain town, we recommend heading to British Columbia. This section of Canada is extremely beautiful and contains everything you could ever want for the summer or winter months – hiking trails, skiing opportunities, quaint mountain towns, breweries, and much more. 


Hint: For something a little out of the ordinary that makes it feel like you are in Scotland or Ireland, we recommend taking a trip to the Eastern part of Canada and heading to Nova Scotia! 




A clean, orderly, and rule-bound country, Japan is actually one of the best places to visit as a tourist. You don’t have to worry about almost anything here – Japan is known for its respect, its friendly people, and the number of things to do in your free time. Compared to other countries around the world, where personal space is crowded and you have to basically fight your way onto the local buses, Japan is extremely different – and it can be good for those who want to experience new cultures without experiencing too much culture shock. Head here if you enjoy Japanese cuisine, clean cities, beautiful mountains, and generous people.

Hint: Spend one night in a karaoke bar – Japan is famous for them!


Australia and New Zealand


Even though the flight might basically take you two full days to get here, it is well worth it! Head to Australia and New Zealand in one trip to make the trip worth it, going around to all of the major cities on the Australian Eastern coast, like Melbourne, Sydney, and other parts of the beautiful gold coast. Once you are done in Australia, hop on over to New Zealand to check out the mountain scenery, surfing, and much more!

Hint: take a short 3-hour flight to Tasmania while you’re in Australia to check out the incredible mountain lakes!




Ready to travel in 2021? We don’t blame you – head to one of these amazing vacation destinations this year to get rid of your travel itch. Click here for travel – pack your bags and book your flights! 

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