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The MagBak: Mounting Solution For iPads

Envisioned as the ‘world’s thinnest mount for iPad’, MagBak is an exceptional accessory, that will complement the minimalist design of your gadget. Most of the mounts available on the market are thick, but this one really stands out from the crowd with its slim approach (it’s only 0.5mm thin) and its ability to attach your tablet to any surface. Like Alex Baca, the product designer, explains, this unique accessory “solves grip issues and protects the back”. The product sticks to most metal surfaces, yet for non-metal surfaces, you will be using a metal O-ring and stick it to the wall like that. ” It allows the iPad to be mounted in portrait, landscape, or any angle in between. ”

MagBak consists of two silicone-coated magnets which can be easily attached to the back of your iPad. The two strips don’t look at all like any other mounting device. The idea was to keep it as simple and as neat as possible. This mounting solution is quite interesting and functional due to the fact that it keeps the Smart Cover open without flapping around. MagBak comes in 6 different colours: pink, blue, green, black, grey and light-grey. You can find out more about this project on Kickstarter!

Details-Surface-MagBakThinDetails-MagBak Details-CloseupMagBak

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