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Slashed Sofa and Ottoman for Bold, Youthful Interiors

Intelligently designed furniture pieces showcase a powerful artistic perspective that helps compose a certain atmosphere in the space it occupies. This is the case with the Slashed sofa, a “sculptural meets practical” object. Materialized after having been imagined by Charlotte Kingsnorth, the furniture duo – sofa and ottoman – provokes a visually bold understanding of the concept behind the design.

Displaying a grey rounded upholstered foam shape, the sofa looks like it was slashed lengthways with a knife, revealing a fun yellow layer on the inside. This action changed the shape permanently, conjuring an eruption similar to a wound.  A stainless steel structure supports the seating unit, locking its two ends in a grounding frame. The complementing ottoman exhibits a slash through the middle,creating a practical spot for storing magazines.

The young London-based industrial designer “uses her designs to narrate the world as she sees it, conjuring up thought provoking ideas which push accepted values and boundaries. Her work demonstrates her preoccupation in materiality and biomorphic forms.”

Slashed by Charlotte Kingsnorth (2) Slashed by Charlotte Kingsnorth (3) Slashed by Charlotte Kingsnorth (4) Slashed by Charlotte Kingsnorth (5) Slashed by Charlotte Kingsnorth (6)

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