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Luxury for Children and Pets: The Diamond Bathtub

If you’re looking for a luxurious bathtub that will remain in the spotlight for a long, long time, check out the Diamond Bathtub. This exquisite Swarovski studded piece of bathroom furniture was designed to pamper your youngest family member, but it had such a success that the designers decided to make a Diamond Bathtub version for pets. Designed by Lori Gardner, the luxurious crystal-studded bathtub features a multitude of Swarovski crystal, all applied by hand on a quality bathtub body.

No wonder the bathtub is loved by little princesses – the price of $5,200 makes this special bathtub is not the first of its kind – the designer presented a similar Diamond Bathtub for grownups.  This Diamond Bathtub is available in two versions – one for your child and one for your other child, the family pet. Available in all the Swarovski colors, the bathtub can even be used as a beverage chiller for parties – a creative and fascinating focal point for luxurious get-togethers. See the collection here!

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