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Johnny Depp on Hunter S. Thompson

My first encounter with Hunter S. Thompson was when I was invited to the Woody Creek Tavern in Colorado in December 1994. Someone said, “Why don’t you come down, and you and Hunter will have a drink.” So I went down to Woody Creek Tavern, and I’m sitting way in the back of the place against the wall, looking at the front door about 50 yards away. Suddenly I see the door spring open, and I see sparks! I realized there was a large-ish, three-foot cattle prod and a Taser gun, and the sea began to part—people were leaping and hurling themselves out of the path of the mayhem that was approaching—and I heard the voice first say, “Out of my way, you bastards!” He was using them as “just-in-case weapons,” but it was a very economical way for him to clear the path. He made the Red Sea part, arrived at my table, and said, “How are you? My name is Hunter.” – read more at the Daily Beast

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