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Daily Dream Home: Serene Flip House in LA

Designed by Fougeron Architecture the original Flip House combines charming details with warmth, creating a good family environment. The residence is located in San Francisco, California and gets its name from the architects’ creative approach to switch some of the functional details a common home design in the area would display.

Flip-House (2)

The architects explain: “Like many San Francisco homes, this one poorly integrated its many levels with each other and with its sloping topography and solar orientation. Reversing its reading, we recast the back of the house as its primary façade with a faceted, custom-built glass wall. Divided into three vertical panels that push in and out, this dynamic prism brings animating light and spectacular views to the communal living spaces, now placed at the rear. Bedrooms were flipped to the front”. The result is a welcoming family residence flooded in natural light, a harmonious blend of practical and aesthetic- all seemingly tucked away from the convulsing city life.

Flip-House (3) Flip-House (4) Flip-House (5) Flip-House (6) Flip-House (7) Flip-House (8) Flip-House (9)

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