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Daily Dream Home – Casa Mecano

Today we have prepared a stunning dream home – located in Península de Osa, Costa Rica, this fascinating home is not an imposing residential structure, it is more a cozy retreat from the stressful everyday life. Named Casa Mecano, this architectural project was undergone by Arquitectos Costa Rica, who designed the house as a natural “deck” for the surrounding landscape, “as an organism that adapts to its environment”.

Its bio-climatic architecture, perfectly adapted to the surrounding tropical environment, speaks the language of a relaxing indoor/outdoor relationship. A nautical-inspired roof line acts as a custom shading systems, which the inhabitants can manipulate to control the amount of natural light that reaches the interiors. A system of terraces almost surround the house, leading to the fascinating infinity pool in the backside of the house. The centrally located social spaces can be easily opened to the outdoors to capture not only panoramic views of the valley below, but also draw in fresh air and compose a breathtaking place to live.

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