Daily Dream Home – 3 M House, Austria

How would you like to live at the edge of a forest, on a steep slope overlooking the Danube Valley in Linz, Austria? Let’s imagine for a second the views, the surrounding space, the fresh, frisk air. How would these views be captured in a frame? Architects from Destilat Architecture and Design found a way to use the extraordinary surrounding scenery to their client’s advantage by building the 3 M House – a contemporary expression of overcoming limits.

The two-storey family residence was built on a steep slope, offering the architects the possibility of constructing a shell of split levels that compose different ceiling heights. The close relation to its environment can be seen in the residence’s position in the north-eastern part of the property. The house is flanked by the forest on one side and panoramic views on the other, capturing the best of both. Neighbors can only see a monolithic exposed concrete volume, reducing the possibility of imposing on private life.

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