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Cozy and Elegant Café C.a.f.e. in Kharkov, Ukraine

Drozdov and Partners completed the design for an original looking café located in Kharkov, Ukraine. The unit spreads over a total area of 760 square meters and is surrounded by a dense urban development.

Cozy and Elegant Café C.a.f.e. in Kharkov, Ukraine

The new café is a result of an intricate renovation process. The architects explain: “Historically, this place has always represented a gap in the urban tissue, which makes it even more valuable. Our aim was to retain this presence of emptiness, but at the same time provide it with a new content, preserving the existing building and trees. To this end we made use of the typology of urban rooms or inner courtyards to create a variety of miscellaneous, though interconnected spaces“. The space is divided into three major areas, able to host clients both indoors and outdoors. Light-weight perforated structures are original additions, guaranteed to individualize the café and also make it stand out. The entire unit inspires coziness and elegance.

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