Run-n-Read is a clip-on device that gives you the opportunity to read from your tablet while running on a treadmill, at the gym. When you bounce your body, you can’t really focus on reading static text. Until recently, these two activities, reading and running, are not exactly a match made in heaven. But then the team from Weatrons came with a solution for this common problem: a device that enables you to read and yes, finish your favourite book while walking, running or riding the train or bus. You can now train both, the body and the mind, in the same time.

How it works

“The device tracks your head movements and then moves the text on the screen in real time to always be in sync with your eyes. Though a person standing nearby can see the text jumping up and down, for the person wearing the device the text would appear perfectly still.”

The small and clever gadget, designed by Weartrones is very easy to use. It simply clips onto your headband (or t-shirt). Now, turn your tablet on, turn the treadmill on, start running while reading. Once charged, Run-n-Read is functional for more than 20 hours. As an additional info, the device will be available in four different colours: blue, pink, green and red.