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Bold Geometry Showcased in Modern Dining Table Design

Bold in color and shape, the beautifully minimalist Volt Table by Dutch designer Reinier de Jong captures the attention of everyone who lays eyes on it. Its intriguing shape is defined by the interesting way in which the tabletop and legs have been put together. Faceted surfaces create the illusion of seamlessly connecting the elements into a playful combination. Even if the table seems to resemble “an Escher drawing” as the designer puts it, the basic function remains the same. Practical as well as sculptural, the Volt Table was designed to accommodate six chairs in between its four legs or even more/less on request.

Fluid in design and dynamic in shape, the modern dining table would make a great focal point in contemporary homes, but it would also add modern sophistication to spaces which have not undergone modern changes. This modern dining table is a successful example of geometry put to use and a boldly colored sculptural object to display in your home. Available in different colors and even lengths for those who require more or less space, the Volt Table will become the focal point of any dining room.

Volt Table by Reinier de Jong (2) Volt Table by Reinier de Jong (3) Volt Table by Reinier de Jong (4) Volt Table by Reinier de Jong (5) Volt Table by Reinier de Jong (6) Volt Table by Reinier de Jong (7)


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