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Adorn Your Office with this Sculptural Home Accessory: Torque Desk

Imagine how it feels like to have the perfect desk – a piece of furniture you have fallen in love with the first time you see it and that has been constantly a reason for admiration and praise. The Torque Desk is one of those furniture items – a desk built to defy the simplicity of formal desk design. London-based Supriya Mankad and Alessandro Isola of I M Lab reinterpreted the idea of a desk into a dynamic design that crosses the barriers of modern design into imagination.

According to the designers, this desk is not only functional, but also a fascinating sculptural home accessory:

“The tensile stresses require the desk to be constructed in a malleable and ductile material. Bringing together clever engineering and hand craftsmanship, all the components of the metal body are structural as well as functional. The flat plane of the desk is folded to support itself at one end while seemingly resting on a stack of drawers at the other end. The rotating drawers are cantilevered around the spine which performs multiple functions of a support, a pivot and a cable management system connecting a floor point all the way up to the desk surface. An malachite letter and pen holder completes the design.”

Torque desk by I M Lab  (2) Torque desk by I M Lab  (3) Torque desk by I M Lab  (4) Torque desk by I M Lab  (6) Torque desk by I M Lab  (7) Torque desk by I M Lab  (8) Torque desk by I M Lab  (9)

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